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Preacher curl weight

A while back somebody made a joke post about an injectible that did amazing things, one of which was an instant preacher curl of 200lbs, this caused some laughter about a preacher curl of that weight.
I started training 3 years ago, but through accidents outside of the gym and many other crappy things that have happened, I had to take a good deal of time off, I started back at the gym two months ago now at pretty much the same weight and size as I was when
I first started three years ago.
But my preacher curl over the last two months has been steadily climbing, and I am now doing 127x 5 reps on my last set, so that makes me think that there should be many people on this forum who can accomplish a 200lb preacher curl… or am I screwed up in my logic?

You must be talking about a machine. Go to an e-z bar with free weights and then we’ll talk. RLTW


i’ve E-Z bar preacher curled 130 for a triple, but preacher benches are not uniform, some have more angle

thats was a joke i posted for April fools day.
I have trainined with guys who curls 220lbs (thats more than they weigh) with suprisingly good form. Obviously form becomes an issue at this stupid weight as you must lean back far enough to to maintain Center of gravity (CoG) over your center of Pressure (CoP) so it looks like a cheat curls. The negatives were controlled and lowered over about 2-3 seconds.
obviously these guys were bodybuilders and had arms 19inches and 20inches.
oh, they preacher curled about 175 for low reps (x3 from memory)

I preacher curl with dumbells with 50s in each hand max about. With an EZ-curl, 80 or 85 probably. I’ve just started to incorporate them into my workout fairly often, and I like them. One of the better exercises I would say.

RangerTab: I haven’t touched a preacher machine since I realized that there was no way I was curling 180. So I switched over to e-z curl and started at 90 and worked my way up to 127… so now that I am on e-z curl are we going to talk?? I think we should talk over some ice-cream, I know a great little place around the corner.

Holy crap Whetu… that is intense… one day I will have 19 inch arms… although on a guy who is 5’6" they may look a little silly… but I think I will find a way to deal with it when it comes :wink:

I have arms that measure just under 18" at a body weight of 186lbs. I have never done Preacher Curls in my life and will not do them for several reasons. One of which is they are an isolation movement which puts to much stress on the tendons between the bicep and forearm.

I dont use preachers as a building exercise, have in the past and what a mistake. I hit standing dumbbell curls and hammers. Then i through in some light preachers (just 25 plates) for 3 sets of 10 at the end of my bi workout. I hit bi’s twice a week, after back, but real brief (wide grip barbell curls and concentrations). The goal of preachers is to elongate the bicep, not to build. I have done very large amounts of weight(70lbs/side) in the past and got NO results.

Yes, there are many different preacher benchs. The one at my current gym is almost completely vertical, I HATE IT.

i’m 204, have 16.5" arms and curl 70lb dumbells for 6 reps as well as do that for overhead extensions. I don’t consider myself strong though. the most i ever standing barbell curled on an olympic bar was 175lbs.
It is definitely true that if you want to get strong in a lift you need to train it hard and often. laters pk