Preacher Curl Proper Form

Hi. What is proper preacher curl form?

  1. I see many guys hunching over the pad when they curl, which would seem to recruit as much shoulder as it does bicep. Therefore, should the back be straight and shoulder squared?
    2)where is correct placement of elbows on pad?
    3)is full extension of the arms recommended?
    thanks for the feedback.

Interesting topic. I find that the farther my elbows are down the pad, the less shoulders I can use.

In other words, let the top of the pad go all the way into your armpits until you can’t get any closer to the bench. this isolates the biceps more; at least for me.

As far as extension, It depends on how heavy I go. If I’m using a moderate weight, then I like to get a full stretch.

But you are actually strongest in the semi-stretch position and lose strength if you go beyond it. So if I’m using 6 to 8 reps (fairly heavy), I don’t go past the semi-strecth.

Hope this helps.

My favorite way of doing preachers is by leaning back on the lowering portion of the lift all the way to full stretch and as I rase the barbell to lean forward into the movment. Think of it as the opposite of cheating the bar up with your shoulders.

Don’t move your elbows
Don’t curl your wrist inwards or else you’ll shift some of the weight onto forearms
Avoid using your shoulders ~
Go for a full contraction so that you’re also hitting the lower part of the bicep.
Maintain steady tension from peak to extension and back again

  • Points direction of Waterbury and Thibaudeau articles.

Read those too!

What part of your bicep is worked is more dependent on the grip choice you go for - see more via the many author’s that write for T-Nation :smiley: With curl movements, the less movement of your elbow the better - Remember unless your trying to force some hypertrophy or push yourself on your last rep or set you’re going to recruit other muscles.