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Preacher Curl Benches Are Magnets

…for tiny (mostly young) guys using 20 lbs dammit. So today when my workout called for preacher curls, guess who was doing standing EZ curls while a 20-something little (Asian) dude was preaching with 20?
I should’ve blindfolded him with dental floss and stole the bench!

Just do it on a incline bench 1 arm or do literally any other bicep exercise as they are virtually all the same.

Strangely the only preacher bench at my gym gets less use than the average squat rack. Commercial gym this is too!

That said, I saw a young skinny Asian kid get going on it a few days ago with too much weight on the EZ bar…and no clasps. Shortest set ever.

What’s the minimum weight for a preacher curl?

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Seated Incline Curl

As hugh noted, an Incline Curl elicits the same initial effect as a Preacher Curl.

Preacher Curls for some reason are a magnet for the majority; there nothing magical about them.

Other curl exercise are effective, as hugh stated.

Kenny Croxdale

Hugh was suggesting using an inclined bench as a preacher. A seated incline curl (where you are on the bench) has the biceps in a stretched position a preacher in a contracted - that’s not exactly the same initial effect.

About the same as for a lateral raise. But if you’re Asian the rules are different.

The prendar ones at my gym go from 20-80 I think. Sure I could’ve used an incline bench to accomplish the same effect - the point is this boy was wasting the bench I wanted to use. And as I said, I just did standing EZ Curl with strict form - problem solved for my workout, but it was still aggravating a bit, but too comical to actually get pissed :wink:

I may try the PL hammer curls I saw in an article here next time just to try them out.
What’s sad for me at present is I can Curl over 50% of what I can bench. And I attempted a set of 20DL’s today and failed with the same weight I do sets of 6 barbell curls with.
We gotta work on that stuff right there :blush:

So if a person is using equipment with a weight that you deem is too light, he is wasting the equipment? That’s a pretty sad view IMO.

I bet there are plenty of blokes who see you using the squat rack with small weights and could draw the same conclusion but they don’t, as they realize that everyone has different strength levels and are in the gym to try to improve themselves.


No not a waste, just somewhat inconvenient and not a word came out of my mouth.

Unless you own the place they have exactly the same right to be on that bench doing fuck all as you do to hit your curls. Maybe next time ask to work in, they won’t say no.

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I don’t do preacher curls, concentration curls, dumbbell kickbacks or the like. We’ve probably all seen bizarre uses of equipment. Unsolicited advice isn’t always welcome but what would be wrong with trying to take someone under their wing if they’re obviously confused?

Yes, and my right to bitch about it. Better here than in the gym.

Re: Taking under one’s wing. I’d be all for that if someone ever actually needed advice from the likes of my old ass.

Come on man, everytime you open your mouth is an opportunity to inspire, build respect, lead, etc or an opportunity to make yourself look like an ass.

Crapping on someone because they lift less than you doesn’t exactly put you in the first camp.

Fail to see how griping where dude ain’t hearing it matters except for guys here hearing it.

Honestly can’t think of any way I could’ve educated the guy unless he’d asked. What I did do was use 3 times his weight for my EZ curls where we were both viewing the same wall mirror. Maybe seeing my biceps under a heavy load inspired him a little but theres no way to get feedback on that.

I guess one good thing about it for me was seeing that I’m actually stronger than a skinny Asian dude lol. But whatever.
It’s of zero consequence and I’d handle it the same again - use some other way to get my workout done, not say a word out loud, and proceed to gripe to uninvolved third party internet meatheads, or maybe just keep it to myself cause the mental energy would serve me better elsewhere in life.