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Preacher Curl Arm Pain

anyone have advice about tendon pain. I injured my arm doing preacher curls a month ago. I think I pulled my tendon trying to lift too much. I heard something tear or pull when I went to lift the weight. It feels better than a month ago but I still can’t curl anything. I also experience sharp pain on occasion. I want to lift for mass but am restricted to light work outs because of the injury. Any similar stories or advice would be appreciated.

Do you feel it only when you curl?
Or also when you squeeze the bar while deadlifting or rowing?

only when i curl. I curl light weight with cables for now.

I used to have some tendon pain mid forarm when doing preacher curls years ago. I avoided doing direct arm work for a period of time. When I started working bis directly again I avoided preacher curls.
Eventually the issue and pain went away.
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