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Pre-Workouts Best Ones?


Any recommendations on good pre workouts and prices?


Cup of coffee. Pretty cheap too


I’ve definitely had some of my best workouts on coffee and bananas, I’ve also had great workouts hyped off my mind on Mr Hyde.
In retrospect I would have saved all my money from pre workouts
Aeropress is amazing for a quick cup of awesome coffee. Cost about the same as a tub of pre but I’ll have it forever. Hindsight is lovely.


Maybe ill just do a kali muscle and mix up some cola & coffee


Can’t go wrong with this pre workout tbh :+1:


If you really really really want pre just buy the research backed active ingredients seperately and mix to taste and dosage.


Yeah i should tbh, i mainly just want it for the days where ive had a long shift and wanna train after, don’t like having coffee or fruit as I like to be as close to an empty stomach as possible.


Off the top of my head:

Carbs/Sugars e.g. Gatorade

Beta Alanine
Citruline Malate

Probably loads moar tho