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Hey - I have a new pre-workout idea since I just bought my first bottles of Surge!! My past pre-workout meal consisted of having 88g carbs of rice and 20g of whey protein one hour before workout and creatine with juice 30 min before workout.

I have an idea that I would like some feedback on before starting. It consists of having 88g carbs rice 1 hr before workout, creatine with some juice 30 min before workout, and then Surge during and immediately after workout. Any thoughts? Thanks! I’m hoping to be pleased with Surge.

Generally speaking, you need some protein with the rice, and saving the juice/creatine for post workout would be better (or just add the creatine to Surge).

So, you propose having 88g carbs of rice and 20g whey protein 1 hr before workout, then creatine and Surge during workout? I’m 190 lbs so would that be a good amount or is it too much? Thanks!

I’ve tried a during workout mix, protien/ carbs/creatine. I made it thin, as watery as possible. I didn’t see any positive results different from pre/post workout nutrition. By it did make me feel heavy, bloated and my mouth chalky. For what it is worth, I did not find any plusses from it.

Hmmm, well I’ll give it a try to see for myself. Anyone else have any thoughts on my plan?