Pre Workout

As a high school student, looking for something cheap and easy,how would gatorade power and Metabolic Drive be for pre-workout? During my workout I take Surge Recovery. I’m sorry if this is a stupid question or been asked/answered before. Also if this is not good, what are some other ideas or tips?Thanks.

Assuming your diet outside of peri workout nutrition is already solid, and you have an established post workout source already cemented I can’t see it being a bad thing.

Thanks for the response.

Pretty much what Jlu said. Except there isn’t really a reason to have the gatorade pre workout. If you are going to use it I’d sip on it during my workouts.

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along with what waylander said, i usually dont bother worrying about extra sugar and electrolytes more than 15 minutes before a workout. getting the sugar throughout the hard part always seems to keep me the most energized.