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Pre-Workout with Ketosis Diet?


So iv been following the ketosis dieting method for the past 2 weeks and i quite enjoy it, other then the food being repeatitive its pretty decent. My question is, can i add in about 30g of carbs before my workout and after? If not, what should i consume before my workout while being on a ketosis diet?


30g of carbs (give or take) a day. You figure it out.


Ok, here is the skinny

Anabolic diet works on ketones, not insulin. Why do you want to spike your insuline?


If your goal is to just give yourself energy to work out I would eat your carbs before.
If your goal is to gain muscle mass I think your on the wrong diet.

Try the anabolic diet if you want to gain muscle.


i think his goal is fat loss.


ya, i wanna get leaner and maintain the muscle i have right now


Doesn't matter. That diet doesnt support that protocol.

Do it for the week end only or change diet.


wait, keto diets dont support getting lean and keeping muscle?


If you do keto for too long, your risk the possibility of losing muscle mass (if you are training pretty hard), or having your performance in the gym go to donkey shit. So since you've been doing it for 2 weeks, that's fine, keep it to a short trial period, but eventually, you'll have to start adding carbs back in around your workouts if you ever want to gain some muscle.


I think ~20g carbs pre or post workout won't kick you out of ketosis, if I remember correctly


Learn to read. Peri workout protocol and anabolic diet is not a good mix.


There is a website that is known for ketosis diet I suggest you go there.


AD is meant to work on LCT's. if ketones are the primary fuel source you are not fully fat adapted



glutamine if you want PWO.

i do the anabolic diet and only have a 0 cal pre workout out before i hit the weights. works for me