Pre-Workout vs. Post Workout Shakes

I’ve read numerous threads on here. Some people say that they drink a shake before working, some say while their workout, and others say post work out.

Which one?

I kinda liked the idea of waking up, drinking a protein shake, working out, and then going to eat a nice breakfast. Did I miss something? Am I going about this wrong? And if this is okay, what kind of breakfast should I eat?

I usually eat a roast beef sandwich with one slice of cheese on whole grain wheat. Then I eat a salad. The salad is lettuce, ~15 brocolli heads the size of a half dollar, half a boiled egg(try to get mainly whites), some mushrooms, sometimes black olives, and about 1.5 tablespoons of ranch dressing.

I usually do not eat all the ranch either. So I might take in .75-1 tablespoon of ranch on a nice sized salad.

Try the following links for a detailed explanation on post-workout nutrition.

Holy crap, you are taking things too literal here. You need to learn about overall nutrition and how you use shakes at different times for different objectives. A postworkout drink or shake if you want to call it that would be Surge and is meant to stimulate recovery from in intense workout. You then have MRP’s like Metabolic Drive either meant to subsitute for a meal or just to add protein into your overall protein intake. Read Litespeeds links and it will give you a better understanding of this.


Both, drink a shake before, and after, then another 45 minuts later.

I’d drink my Surge before and during if I wanted a meal afterward. It’s not that complicated, make it so it suits your need.