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Pre-Workout vs Post Workout Shake


A lot of stuff has been thrown around lately due to Thibs and others view that the pre workout shake is the new post workout shake, and that the post workout shake is outdated. I'd just like to hear peoples views.


I've been drinking mine prior to and during training based on Christian's advise and have been having better workouts and seem to be making better progress.




tomato or tomato'




Why do you both believe this? (I just want to hear your thought's.)


I just make a gigantic protein powder/fruit/maltodextrin/dextrose smoothie and throw all my other powder supplements (BCAA's, Leucine, Creatine, Beta-Alanine, etc.) into it and throw it all in a blender. It just barely fits in the half-gallon blender. Then I throw back about a third of it for a pre-workout drink then throw the rest in a big half-gallon drink jug and sip that throughout my workout and leave a few sips for right after I finish my workout. Problem solved, and I don't even have to make 3 separate shakes. Tastes amazing, too. Weird (chocolate+fruit), but amazing, and it works amazing for energy, performance, and endurance, too. Yes, pre and post-workout nutrition is important because there is no other time during the day where your body needs more calories. Make sure that they're fast-digesting. So do both and even do during-workout shakes.


Insulin is the most anabolic/powerful hormone in the human body, and when it's spiked before/during/after training it's going to shuttle lots of goodies into your muscles allowing for more growth. Your muscles will be super saturated with everything it needs.

This is all old news, people have been doing this for years and years with great results.


So what are some good Pre and Post workout meals/shakes to have? and for my consideration of me being poor what 1-2 supplements would you recommend to get to aid in Pre and Post workout meals/shakes.


Tang, At Costco 6.27$$ for 88 servings of 22g (dextrose) Vitamin C and Calcium. And some cheap whey. Boom!


I'd say the best carbohydrate to have would be vitargo for peri-workout drinks.

Adding in palatinose can't hurt either.


Yer, what's everyone's protocal. Fast carbs(dextrose, maltodextrin), whey protein are pretty standard peri workout. Then during workout add in some BCAA's.


Thibs never said post workout shake is not important. He says that postworkout carbs are outdated.


Pre: 75g waxy maize 100g whey 10g leucine 5g creatine

PERI: 25g WM 25g whey 5g leucine

POST: 50g WM 100g whey 10g leucine 5g creatine


No palatinose, rice oligodextrin or dextrose I see... damn waylanderxx



I have 90g carbs pre-workout, and 80g post-workout.


Lets forget the Whey as an expense for the Pre and Post workout shake. So like the guy above suggested above is Tang a good thing to get? How would i talk that around my workouts? During/before/after? So I have enough to order 2 products from the T-Nation store for Post and Peri workout shake what would be the best choices?

So a meal plan would go like this correct?

Pre Workout (30min before?) -
1 serving of Tang
Whey Shake any were from 27g - 55g
2 supps from Biotest BCAA's perhaps?

During Workout - ???!!?

Post Workout Shake -
1 serving of Tang
Whey SHake 55grams
2 supps from Biotest BCAA's perhaps?

Then my meal

Help to fill in the gaps would be appreciated


Save your money. No need to buy fancy stuff if you have to budget for 2 supplements. Biotest stuff is good, but if your budget is tight, a couple supplements from Biotest will break your bank. Save it for food or for a rainy day. Trust me. Food is just as ANABOLIC as supplements, especially if you're not going to get all your macro measuring and timing down to a science, then it's not worth it. my $0.02.


all you do is mix a liter of water with a 100g of fast acting carbs (maltodexterin or dextrose) and 50g whey isolate. drink 1/3 half n hour before, 1/3 during and the rest straight after. If you have extra money to play around with by creatine and add 3g before and after. If u still have extra money then buy BCAA and add that during. And if you still have money left over, get your self some steaks.


I was thinking about gettin Creatine or BCAA from the T-Store but which ones would be more suited for my goals, Im trying to do a Little Recomp at the moment so which supp would be better suited for my goal?