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Pre workout tips?

Anyone got any good tips on preparing yourself for a good workout?

I know there is the Poliquin article on workout prep, but does anyone have any other ideas?

Any timing, techniques, special warmups, supplements, or foods that you find to really help with your workout?

I workout around 10a. I like to stretch for about 30 minutes first thing when I wake up and then when I get to the gym warm up by running hard on the treadmill for 5 minutes

ephedra, caffeine and some snoop dogg!

Has anyone ever tried the 5-7g of acetyl l-carnitine and 800mg phosphatidyl serine that Poliquin recommends?

I’ve also heard of 20-30mg of glutamine.

I never do any static stretching before a workout, but I’ll do a 10-15 minute dynamic routine and maybe some AIS(Active Isolated Stretching) for the muscle groups that I’'m working. Aside from that I just use warm-up sets (like everyone else I’m sure).

You will get laughed outta here with that glutamine talk. :slight_smile:

There was a thread awhile back started by some psycho that addressed ‘getting up’ for a workout. It was something like killing babies and feeding them to wolves while being attacked by scary clowns weilding baseball bats with nails stuck in them…or something liket that. It was messed up, I wouldnt bother doing a search for it.

I agree with P-dog

Would light explosive warmups be better than normal slow warmups for activating the nervous system for greater strength?

P-Dog, I’m with you, except I’ll replace the Snoop Dog with the Crystal Method or Methods of Mayhem. Crank it up on the way to the gym, put on the MP3 player once there and block everything and everyone else out. Focus.

I’m experimenting with 5g L-Tyrosine, 7 G ALCAR (acetyl l-carnitine) and 200mg caffeine taken 30 minutes pre workout. I’ll keep you posted. Other than that, I begin sipping a 45 g dose of BCAA/Gluatmine about 10 minutes pre and during my workout.

That was funny Thump, that dude was awesome. Oh man. I read something about Niacin and Tyrosine being good pre-workout. I like Gingko as well despite recent evidence of ineffectiveness. I’m sure big business’s inability to profit from it had nothing to do with that result. Now pound those dairy products, the calcium in them will help you lose weight!

Does anyone know what pre-workout nutrients have a bell curve of efficacy? I believe Poliquin said DMAE does. Are there any others? I think ephedra and caffeine probably do, since if you take too much you’ll probably get lightheaded and just jittery lol.

How about timing for Power Drive? For me 45-60 minutes before the workout seem to work better.

I’m also looking into a product from the company SAN called Neuroflow. It has a nootropic in it, and is supposedly pretty effective. Has anyone ever tried this? It’s reasonably priced, so I’m going to give it a shot. It should be synergistic with Powder Drive.

Inspred by Coach Davies: jumping jacks, Ali shuffle, cariocas or jump rope. ENough to sweat, that’s it.

Then dynamic hip exercises to open up the hips and back. Some SLOW torso twists, shoulder circles, and standing ab exercises.

Mentally and emotionally, right before entering the weight room, I jump in place, snort, scowl and shadow box OR take a few deep breaths and try to clear my mind.

Depends on my mood for that day and my goals :slight_smile:

I just came up with a new routine. I grab a cup of coffee, fire up the computer, and read your messages under “Gay Marriage.” Nothing could make me angrier and more eager to bash around some steel.

C’mon guys, there has to be more tips!

I particularly like a warmup that forces you to get timing right. Jumping rope is an easy one. Call me gay if you like, but I have a game for PS2 called DDR where you dance with a pad. Perhaps there is something about moving to the beat of music and getting timing right that seems to really “wake up” the nervous system.

If that’s too gay for you, perhaps you can use the idea to figure out something a little less gay lol.

If I’m doing strength workouts, I lay on a spine roller between sets. Seems to help with bench pressing.

vigorous masterbation

A little ephedrine, followed by a fat ass dip, then I sit in the sauna for about 10 minutes, stretch for about 15 minutes, then start the warmup. If I don’t do that, I’ll go for a short run beforehand to get the blood pumpin.

I do some movements that take me through a full range of motion while continually telling myself “get movin’, keep movin’” Also, slipknot or killswitch engage help rev me up. Also, make the first exercise something like a powerclean or one arm barbell snatch. That is usually a slap in the sleepy nervous systems’ face for me. A psychological thing you can do is always play the same song right before you do intense exercise. Your mind will start being conditioned do that and your body will warmup quicker.

Ranger: What’s a fat ass dip?

dip is chew. tobacco.