pre workout surge

Right i’ve bought some surge anyway
Tastes a helluva lot nicer than that other stuff i was using (i aint gonna name names)

i have a question about surge and pw shakes in general!
ok i train in the evenings late so i have P+C at breakfast then 2 P+Fs then a P+C 2 hours before training usually oats and protein but lately i dont know why i’ve been feeling VERY drained and my muscles feeling weak and i dont feel anything from the oats, im thinking they are too slow… so would surge an hour before training be advised, seriously?
or will it lead to fat storage at this point in the day?


Surge an hour before training would make you crash. Hard. Not what it’s made for. And it’s not an “energy” drink, it’s a workout recovery drink. You don’t take it if you haven’t trained obviously, although you can sip it during a workout. See Berardi’s latest suggestions here:

Honestly, if you feel that drained before workout, you may have other issues to consider: sleep issues, overtraining issues, nervous system fatigue etc. Might want to take a few days off if these feelings are coming daily. See the “Texas T” article in this week’s T-mag and Waterbury’s nervous system info contained therein.

thanks for the insight
perhaps i need more carbs in my diet?

well you have to be more detailed, how many carbs a day are you eating and what sources are they coming from?

about 150-200gms per day
sources mainly Oatmeal and veggies with a post workout shake (50g carbs)

i have 3 carb meals a day and 2-3 fat meals (all with protein) max 10g of carbs on P+Fs (all from veggies though)

My weight is around 60kg (I fight at that weight)

and my training usually involves

Cardio/weights in the mornings (at the moment mostly weights cos my knee is fcuked)

and evenings are usually thai/kickboxing classes 5-6 days a week

trouble is i tend to store fat very easily even though i do loads of cardio so I try not to eat too many carbs (i have 2 days at 150 and one day at 200 and cycle like that… is that good)?

Sleep wise, i get about 8 hours of solid sleep a night with one Piss break but i fall asleep straight after so im told this doesnt really effect deep sleep

Stress wise, fuck man who isnt stressed in this world. Work and all that shit but i’m managing that side of my life. I dunno why it is but lately i’ve been feeling drained :frowning:

Try exchangeing one of your P+F meals with the P+C before your workout. You may even want to move it a little closer to the workout, say 1.5 hrs instead of 2. Then, sip half your Surge during your workout, and half after.

Give that a shot and see how it works out for you.