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Pre-Workout Surge Results?


Does anyone have experiences with how pre and during workout Surge effects results in:

1) gaining clean mass
2) losing fat

I always have the Surge post workout having thought that having it before/during would make my gains less clean.


I supplemented with Surge for a full month, before and after training, I noticed better intensity during all workouts, never felt run down even towards the end.. Also supplemented with Beta-7 and BCAA at the same time. I have to get Surge agian :frowning: need to get my cc stuff organised..

hope this helps u sarah1, and i love that name :slight_smile:


The double dose Surge experiment showed that pretty much all of the lucky bastards... I mean the people who received free Surge that they all recovered much quicker. Shugart even said he recovered faster than when he was on the juice. Thats a pretty bold statement, if you'd ask me.

He also said he gained virtually no bodyfat. Try it for yourself and see, you probably wont be disappointed.

When the study came out I tried it, but with only two scoops prior and two scoops after and I felt better with even just that little bit extra. Then it caught up to me being a poor college student... hah


I believe there is actually some pretty strong research showing pre-workout supplementation to be even more beneficial than post-workout. I usually do 1/2 and 1/2 for this reason.


I have not been at this very long, about 6 or 7 months so take this for what you will. I started sipping Surge during my workouts and then finishing it up after or toward the end of my workout. I didnt notice any negative affects but as far as the positive didnt notice anything there either. You have to remember I was new so what the hell did I know.

So last time I ordered supps I tried BSN's True Mass as my PWO and I know can say there is a big difference. Using the Surge I felt my workouts could be as intense or more and I didnt feel as drained afterword and I felt as though I recovered quicker throughout the day. This could all be mental. That my $.02


What I have found to work very well and keep fat low is BCAA's before I work out, 1/2 of my Surge during my workout, and 1/2 PWO.

It takes a whole lot more to get my really sore these days doing that!


I started having some Surge pre-workout a long time ago.

I plan on doing this forever.


Connecticut has poor people?


Sure they do.

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I use the double-dose Surge protocol with every workout, and I have 10x more energy than I do if I don't double dose. I'm not sure about recovery because since I'm eating so much food I think I might be able to gain the same amount of weight regardless of the double dosing, but the steady energy I get from my peri-WO Surge is worth it alone.

Sorry for the run-on sentence.



Think about this: more Surge = more energy for your workout. More energy for your workout = more work performed. More work performed (with adequate rest and nutrition, of course) = more muscles. More muscles = more fat loss.

Even if you're low-carbing, as long as the rest of your diet is clean enough the extra Surge will help you more than it will hurt you.


So I just ordered two tubs of Surge for the first time. And I can't freaking wait to use it. For a whole year I've been pretty much using 48g of ON whey isolates PWO. And just recently been mega dosing 15g of additional BCAA (tastes horrible btw).

But since ON has jacked up the price (60 bucks Canadian for a 5 lb tub) I thought I might as well buy two 3 lb tubs of Surge for the same price. Although shipping/customs is going to be a bitch living up here in Alberta, Canada.

Anyways, so is the best way to take Surge half pre-workout and the other half post-workout?


I noticed there's a substantial difference between the different flavors of Surge in ingredients. Was there some article on why this is that I may have missed? I've always loved the Raspberry flavor but I noticed the Root Beer flavor has quite a difference in sugar content - 25g as compared to 45g for the Raspberry which by the way has 350mg of sodium compared to only 60mg for the RB. Just curious why they wouldn't try to keep the formulas consistent regardless of flavor. Is one designed more for pre/peri consumption and one for pwo?


1morerep is right, there are slight variations between the ingredients in Surge... For example, the Banana flavour has a slightly higher protein complex than choco or raspberry... you find that quite alot with other protein powders too... i remember that my met-rx banana and strawberry had a difference of about 2-5mg of protein capacity... (higher in the banana)...


Which is the best tasting Surge flavor? What is 2nd? What is last? I am about to order a tub or 2. Thanks.


I take half during my workout and half after. I work out before breakfast and having a stomach full of half a serving doesn't agree with me. Especially on deadlifting days.

Carnell04, I've only tried Original and Wild Raspberry. That is also my preference in that order.


i think the raspberry has more dextrose and less maltodextrin compared to the rootbeer. the carbs are about equal, but malto is not considered a sugar.

i think they are all designed for the same purpose. as to why the dextrose/malto levels are different between flavors, i don't know. probably for taste purposes. but it seems like they all equal out about the same in the end.


3:1-4:1 carb to protein ratio has the most research behind it for optimal pre/during workout consumption according to the book Nutrient Timing. The flavors of Surge i've seen are 1.x-2:1 ratio.. which is still pretty good.
However, the research presented states that to get max results for pre workout you only need 1/3 the macros as postworkout, which is pretty interesting.

At any rate, since muscle insulin sensitivity is dramatically heightened around workouts, it's not gonna negatively (if anything it'll positively effect things). If you are specifically focusing on losing fat, extra Surge could be harmful if you are using more of a depletion approach.


Endurox says the same thing, too.

Years ago, when I was a competitive cyclist, I drank endurox for recovery.

One of my friends who runs XC in college used endurox as his recovery drink, until I gave him a few servings of Surge. He gave me a few servings of endurox and we both switched recovery drinks for a week, and after the week, both of us deemed Surge more effective.

I beleive its cheaper, too.


after reading all this guys.....i'm sold....thinking of purchasing a tub or 2 of orginal.......each night i drink Metabolic Drive low carb chocolate, best stuff on earth