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Pre-Workout Supps


So I tried to make a post earlier about a certain pre workout supp that got deleted because it had a link in it, so I'll just make this one generic...

I guess I'm not really sure where to start, I've always just eaten a solid meal 30-45 min before a workout and never thought much of it as I seem to make it through my workouts just fine. Are there certain supps that would help in "priming" my muscles or just get more from my workout in general?

I'm trying to get bigger as I'm only 160 right now, so I'll take whatever help I can get lol.

Thanks for reading...


have you tried Xtreme Nitro Juice 5000? i read in another post that a guy gained 45lbs of mass by taking it. also, there is Xtreme Nitro Juice 5000 PRO that you can gain even more!


Stimulant loaded supplements are pretty much unnecessary unless you want people convinced that you're a junkie. However, supplements based around and containing ingredients like: BCAAs, Tyrosine, protein + carbs would be something to look into. Check out the Biotest store to find lots of great items.

All though at this point, I think you money could be better well spent on food as you'll have more luck getting big from a great diet instead of searching for the magic pill/powder


Cheap as shit pre-workout shake: Whey + Instant Oats + pinch of salt + coffee....Whey + oats if short on time/money/brains.

OR as Bardukey suggests, Xtreme Nitro Juice 5000 PRO. That shit's unreal. I went from leg pressing a dime on each side to Deadlifting over 500 pounds in just 2 short weeks!


I know there's no magic pill or whatever and appreciate the sarcastic/bogus replies. I guess more than anything, I was looking for some criteria for pre workout nutrition, whether it be a supp or whole food...


I have seen good results from SWF. 2-3 scoops in a big shaker bottle. Drink about a scoop's worth before the workout and then sip throughout. It makes a real difference for me in terms of the volume I can handle and my performance towards the end of the workout.

I also use a stimulant, usually a Spike Shooter, before almost every session. Some people will tell you this is bad, and that you shouldn't rely on stimulants to get geeked for a workout. Maybe. But I like it and it gives me better workouts, so I don't care...I tolerate caffeine well and don't usually have much trouble with sleep.

If you want to grow fast, I'd load as many carbs and as much quick protein into the pre/peri workout period as possible. Get some casein hydrolysate and add it to the shake. If money is very tight, something like glucose/malto (50/50) and whey isolate will work too, although it may slosh around some in your stomach, not the best if you are squatting or pulling.

So in sum, what I do is about 30 mins out, I drink a Spike Shooter, then about 10-15 out, I start sipping a SWF drink. About 1/2 is done by the first work set, and I sip the rest throughout the session.


Modern thinking seems to run along the way (and I tend to agree) Fast acting protein and carbs pre-workout.

That said a hydrolyzed Protein (MAG-10[Casein hydrosylate] or Surge Recovery[Whey Hydrosylate]) are to good choices.

Carb sources FINiBAR's, Surge Workout Fuel, Surge Recovery.

And some bonus stuff would include hydration ingredients, creatine, beta-alinine etc. All of those can be found in Anaconda.

So basically the Anaconda protocol would be ideal, but pricey.

There's also nothing wrong with Oats and whey pre-workout, whey during/after. Then have a big meal an hour after your post workout whey shake.


Good summary of what I would have said :slight_smile:



what else would you expect for your first post! :smiley:

just kidding, everyone needs a good ribbing once in a while.

me personally, i take 2 scoops SWF and drink them pre and peri (soon to be mixed with MAG-10; and gonna try a FINiBAR when they arrive), then 50g whey post workout, solid meal 1-1.5 hours later.


I know I didn't exactly phrase the question in the best way, I was multi-tasking which is not a strong point of mine lol. Actually, looking at it now, I probably would've answered the same way, you know, tell the kid how to get SWOLL! :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyway, thanks for the responses everyone, seems I was over-complicating things a bit. Keep it simple sounds good to me.


its cool. you just need to take everything we say on here with a grain of salt. you might get some useful information every once in a while.

and seriously, check out Xtreme Nitro Juice 5000 (PRO if you can afford it)! that stuff is wicked!


Lol, didn't think nitro juice was real.... looks good, but yes, damn expensive!


Best advice.

When I got into training I got some good advice and that's "don't buy products, buy supplements."

In otherwords, find what works for you and buy it individually. Personally a black coffee and an arginine pill or powder is a great boost.

I've also had great success with quick oats and whey protein about an hour preworkout like another user mentioned above.


I really like Jacked. But with the main stream pwo supps i have found I build up too much of a tolerance to them, so I try to keep switching it up.




Jack3d's pretty popular and only $28. Has caffeine, arginine, creatine beta-alanine-the usual.


whey, dextrose based gatorade, leucine, creatine...d-bol.