Pre Workout Supps. What Do You Take?

Just wondering what people take for pre workout? i normally do the following…

Caffine tablet

Use to have D-Ribose but ran out…

Just looking to share ideas and learn…


i know caffeine tablets are nuts. i took a few awhile back from my friends bottle… and i was going nuts! and im not sensitive at all to caffeine.

im pretty sure your list there
Caffine tablet

is basically SUPERPUMP 250 LOL!

add some splenda and some cheap flavouring and your set bro.

-50: Power Drive
-30ish: greek yogurt w/ raw oats in it
-10: Finibar
during: water
immediately after: glass of OJ
after OJ: 40g whey, 2 slices of white bread
+90: meal

…been working for me.

L-Tyrosine. Now that looks interesting, might give that a blast!!

Before my workout I always take Alpha GPC, handful of BCAA’s and two BETA-7, and two ReceptorMax. I also (mix it up for variety) take either Surge Recovery or Surge Workout Fuel with Creatine or a FINiBar.

And, of course, Surge Recovery and Creatine BCAA’s after training as well.


before i take Surge Recovery, during i drink Surge Workout Fuel and fast twitch, after i drink Grow! Whey protein and eat pasta.

T-90 min meal can of tuna and an apple, or 40g protein and 1/2 bagel
T-30 min jacked/caffeine, Surge Workout Fuel x1 scp

during (sip in 32oz aquafina bottle)
10g Glutamine
10g Purple Wraath (all essential amino acids, beta alanine)
5g creatine

  • I used to have another serving of SWF during the workout, but consistently crashed from too much insulin so I removed it and just have it 30min prior.

2 scoops Surge Recovery
10g glutamine
5g creatine
5g leucine

60min later
5oz chicken
1 cup rice
1 cup veggies

then back to every 3 hours :slight_smile:

At the moment it’s Surge Workout Fuel, Alpha-GPC, and FINiBAR.

Glucuronolactone and tyrosine get mixed in with my protein/carbs about 20-30mins prior to training.

The above is pretty good, but the best stimulant I’ve ever used during a session is nicotine (lozenges). They can get me a few more reps on most sets.

3 myoshock
3 1000mg L-Arginine
2 1000mg Vitamin C

and currently an Arimatest.

I’ve heard about cycling aspirin into a preworkout as well to thin your blood. Only thing is you’ll probably be taking them at a later age, so building a tolerance now would be bad. I don’t know about the cycling of it though.

I eat dinner about 60-90 before. Take a caffeine pill around 20 min before. Protein shake when I get home. It works.

MD Shake; Creatine; Caffeine Pill; 1 or 2 Caffeine-Free Spike

Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

L-Tyrosine! Fantastic, keeps me focused and the energy just keeps on comming…