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Pre-Workout Supps for Energy


Ok, well Im new to lifting but I am new to not having energy at the gym! my problem is where I work I we are extremely busy and I am currently on 12 hour days, I tried different caffeine products before going to the gym and nothing is working, actually seems like their just keeping me from sleeping, I tried superpump 250 and basically it just gave me a stomach ache the next day, my question is what are some supps that you guys have had experience in the past and has worked for you before going to the gym and any recommendations on what to try? thanks guys


How about you just get a big, cheap cup of coffee instead of throwing your money on, what is basically, a tub of sugar and caffeine.


black coffee. cheap and does the trick




Dramatically up your water intake:
Down a big glug of water-30 mins before working out. I shoot for 1.5 litres-enough to make you feel a bit bloated and sick for 5 mins after.

Makes a night and day difference in workout energy and endurance.Then take small sips between every set


drinking a big gulp of water before working out? IMO that sounds like a recipe for lethargy and a stomach ache. I've tried about 10 different pre-work out supps and I have extremely high tolerance to stims. The thing the works the best is to just get some caffine tabs which are about $5 for a bottle of 100-200 (200mg tabs)and eat a good carb loaded meal for you pre-workout snack.

Cheap, no water bloat, and does the trick with out buring a whole in your pocket and since your working 12 hr shifts I assume you could use all the money you can get


What time do you usually train? If you train after work, like, anytime after 5:00pm, it's no wonder you have trouble sleeping when you take a supplement containing caffeine.

Although, people do tolerate some supplements differently. I sometimes train at 6 or 7 at night, and if I expect a brutal session, I might have a Spike Shooter on the drive to the gym and I'll have no problem sleeping. (Interestingly, on days I don't train, any caffeine after 3 or 4pm will interfere with my sleep.)

You might want to try something like Power Drive or Caffeine-Free Spike. Neither contain caffeine, so they shouldn't get you overstimulated, but they're both good for a kick in the arse.


sorry for my first post I said I was new to lifting I meant im not, I been lifting for some time now... but anyway the 12 hour shifts I could go without, I dont want or need the extra money by no chance were just so darn busy, but I been working 5 to 530 and lifting around 6, there are days where I am able to get out a little early around 4 and can make it to the gym around 430, it seems no matter what though Im just slugish and cant do my 100%, I do have some caffeine pills but I never tried them before working out, I just had them for work to keep my head up lol, thanks for the help guys, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Have you tried any of the Spike products offered by Biotest?