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Pre Workout Supplements


I'm a 45 yr old male and would really appreciate feedback about pre workout supplements that work. Homemade and commercial.


I've tried a lot of pre-workout supplements and have found that caffeine (either a pill or cup of coffee) works fantastic and gives me just as good of results as fancy products like Jack3d, Spike, etc.

EDIT: I train for strength, in the 4-6, 5, and 6-8 rep range. I've heard there are some benefits to certain ingredients for higher rep ranges.


thanks ethanwest


I second the caffeine from coffee. You really don't need much and it helps you from getting addicted to the preworkouts and becoming a junkie. No one wants to perform fellatio for Jack3d. BUUUUUTT... I do have an extra half-full container if you're in need. The first scoop, as always, is FREE!! :wink:


search this site for 'peri-workout nutrition'. Then click 'articles'.

I think the general consensus is this: consume past-acting (whey) protien and high GI carbs (like maltodextrin) before, during and after the workout. You can put this mix in a bottle and just sip on it. Some will also say BCAAs, but you will get these with the protein and some will include glutamine and creatine. The carbs will prime your system to be able to tranport said nutrients (ie protein) quickly to begin the repair process. Caffeine is great too if you are feeling tired or sluggish.

I found a mix of 2 scoops of vanilla whey protien (also includes 10g of BCAAs) along with orange powdered gatorage is perfect. Mix with 16 oz of water in a shaker and your good to go.


Start with the products on this site.


I personally prefer stims - Jack3d


1 caffine tablet, water


Chicken breast and 1 cup white rice one hour before workout, ill also sip on coffee from the begginning of this meal until I start my workout. Lately I feel great during my workout. I was also drinking bcaas but I think ill give this up starting tomorrow.

A while ago I was using whey isolate and hershy chocolate bars this also made me feel decent during workouts.


I'm taking HOT-ROX twice a day, so I do get some extra stims, but here's what I'm using right around workouts:

Preworkout: coffee, 2.5g creatine monohydrate
Intraworkout: 5g BCAA Structured Peptides
Postworkout: 2.5g creatine monohydrate, 1 scoop Power Drive, 390mg DMAE, 2 caps fish oil

Biotest's periworkout protocols (FINiBARs, ANACONDA, Surge Workout Fuel, MAG-10) are awesome if you can afford them. I've seen good results with them in the past, but they don't fit into the budget right now.

Also, I think stims are ok in moderation, but I don't like the crazy preworkouts with ingredient lists a mile long. I think they have a lot of fillers, and I very much prefer to just have the right amount of a few select things. HOT-ROX and Spike are about as weird as I like to get on the stim front.


Well not NO ONE.

Ive heard a story of a girl sucking dick for Hemo Rage, after having tried it a day or so prior.

Im not jokingg.

1.3DMAA products shit on caffeine IMO. In terms of the quality of the stim effect and the intesity. No jitters, laser focus, a little euphoria and no effect on sleep. At least that's what Ive experienced. Any more than 400mg of caffeine in a single dose gives me a shitty feeling with jitters, and minimal focus.

I like small cuup of coffee in the morning to 'wake up' and then a 1.3DMAA based product pre workout


I wonder how many dudes are gonna get their hot friends to try preworkouts now....


Nothing pre or intra workout.
Tons of quick digesting carbs and protein afterwards.
I'm sure if I dialed in pre, intra, and post workout I would see slightly better results. Slightly.


The 1,3DMAA stuff in jack3d and 1mr really messes my sleep up. Its the only reason I gave them up.
I use to train at 5pm and couldn't sleep til after midnight if I took that stuff. Which is a big deal when you have to wake up at 5 am every day.
If I want to use that stuff it has to be before 2pm if I want any chance of falling asleep around 9


how much 1,3DMAA do you take pre? having a hard time getting my dose right...


whatevers in 2 scoops of geraniamo.


ohh, didnt see the "product" part before. and the cocoa powder pre really helps too. good tip