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Pre-Workout Supplements


Are Pre-Workout supplements such as Jack3d, 1M.R., etc. really allow you to lift more weight, faster recovery between sets, and all that good stuff they say they do. I am sure there are some B.S. pre-workout supplements, but from your experiences I would love to find out which ones to purchase, or if I should even waste money on them.


Most are just a lot of sugar, caffeine, maybe some niacin.... anything with NO in it is BS.... I know a few actually have Beta-Alanine in them, which is actually very beneficial (and backed by science).



Don't waste your money on them. Try something Surge Workout Fuel. It has Beta Alanine in it, which like Stu said, is beneficial.


Jack 3d does work i'll give it that it has some Beta in it along with creatine but it's main drive is caffine & dimethylamine To be honest i wish i never started using it, i felt great first couple of weeks it seemed to heighten other supplements i was using but it really started screwing with my sleep and my sense of well being only way i can describe the feeling, never exceeded the max that should be used per serv. some people handle stimulants better thasn others.


Surge Workout Fuel is pretty awesome stuff, you can flavour it yourself etc. If you can't order from Biotest, you can find something called SyntaSIZE for a price premium in most supplement stores. Check out the ingredients in it, its non-stimulant like SWF and loaded with BCAAs/Creatine/Beta Alanine and even has a little protein isolate