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Pre-Workout Supplement?


What is your favorite pre-workout supplement?


gatorade + BCAA


whey + bcaa + wms



I still don't understand why anyone would want to use Garorade. Might as well drink a Coke.


Right, because Gatorade is carbonated and contains the same phosphoric acid as Coke.

Nothing wrong with BCAA+Gatorade+Whey.


Or snort it. Yeah buuuday.


Ive experimented with this for years and I fully believe if your glycogen stores are not extendedly low its better to have you stores locked in. WTF?

well I found that the more carbs I have at a preworkout meal my glycogen stores are not spared they get burnt much faster .

I challenge anyone to try this method.

Half can of Spike for breakfast, (add ephedra if you got any_)
eat Steak (nice cut grass fed, 2 whole eggs) half grapefruit for palette.
wait hour:
10 to 15g BCAA (Biotest tablets best here_ mixed with scoop of creatine and 1 tbs glutamine.
During workout 10 to 20 g of POWEDERED Bcaas, plus scoop creatine and 1 tbs glutamine.

I sware that I reach this point where I am just fatigue resistant and my dopamine levels are much higher than with a high carb pre meal.


Please be responsible and adhere to the recommendations on Spike which state that it should not be used with any other stimulants.

The last thing we want is for someone to get hurt because they were to smart to follow the recommended use for any of our products.



CLEARLY HK was bringing up the idea that most of us have been disillusioned by sports drinks because the HighFructoseCornSyrup contained therein is SHITTAYYYY for a carb source for plenty of reasons. MIGHTASWELLDRINKACOKE because coke also has HFCS

FOR A CARB SOURCE PREWORKOUT i would go with sweetpotato or wholewheat bread or black beans or brown rice i mean it depends on your carb tolerance

but a sugary drink (ESPECIALLY WITH HFCS) is like, odd to do, like, before you even start working your muskles. KNOWWHATIMEAN, DIGGY?

for me,


FOOD = #1 (like an hour before if i can have a realy meal with very complex carbs, i do)

Sometimes a scoop of whey.

I start drinking my PWO SURGE 10 sets into my workout, normally, even though thats PERI i thought i would mention

Any Energy Drink (x 2 if i am tired)

I have spike and like spike shooters and shotguns, but i get nervous now and then about bloating from the YOHIMBINE because im like a sponge ughh


powdered gatorade is made out of dextrose.

Im pretty sure everyone using gatorade here use its powdered form..


Well that was the original MD-6 formula! the best fat burner of alltime!


A prewo stim.


i have been taking animal pump 45 minutes before each session and so far the results are pretty good, yes its a N.O and creatine mix. But it's still too early too tell if I'd take it again


I get dizzy in the gym if I don't get lots of carbs pre-workout, could just be me though.


EVEN with a TON of BCAAS? and glutamine? hmmmm.
and I get tired with pre workout carbs.


I believe this is the basis for the post by Tiribulus in the Alpha thread, "Things You can't prove but believe" regarding fat loss and the consumption of fat before a fat loss workout.

I also believe that the consumption of a nutrient initializes its mechanism for storage/breakdown (I feel the same mechanism activates both but the ultimate path is dictated by other factors) and hence why consuming fat before trying to burn it might mobilize fatty tissue stores for energy more efficiently if the goal is fat loss.


Power Drive mixed with an Orange Gold Spike Shooter.


I consistantly would have a huge crash if I carbed up before lifting. I'd die about halfway through the workout. So I stick with 10g Glutamine 5g Creatine Mono -and about 5-10 grams BCAAs.. I've never tried the BCAA's during the workout, I think ill do that sometime this week. I'm also going to try the whey before a workout, with more added BCAA's of course


no shotgun v3 by vpx the new version.


well eating fat prior to workout will also decrease your GH levels. might have an effect.