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Pre-Workout Supplement Help!

Looking for a good suppliment to take before my workout. I work from 5am-2pm and usually like to start lifting by 3pm. I feel like I can’t increase the amount I lift sometimes because i’m just exhausted. I get about 5-6.5 hours of sleep a night because I can not fall asleep before 1030 and i’m up by 4.

I also take Nitro Core 24 right after my w/o and I mix it with my oatmeal in the morning. Is this the best protein i can be taking?

Thank you.

Well I usually have a couple of cups of tea, then a glass with some creatine mono, beta alanine and ALCAR in it with 1g of fizzy vitamin C.

Try ZMA and perhaps some 5-HTP before bed - you’ll sleep better.

Surge Recovery during and after my workouts have helped keep my energy up. But you probably won’t see alot of gains in the weight room on that consistently short sleep, even as young as you are.

Thanks, i looked into the suppliments and i’m going to go with Surge Workout Fuel. I came across this other Biotest product Se7en and comments on this? Seems like there are mixed reviews.

Surge Workout Fuel…great choice.
Se7en…save your money.

thanks for the tip. i’m looking for a thermogentic…to bad i can cut the beer out