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Pre-Workout Suggestions?


Just wondering what you guys would recommend for a pre-workout? The one thing it has to have is creatine for sure. Other than that im wanting a good size pump, and hyper intensity. I used to worship the old jac3d, but now im just sampling around. Anything out there comparable?

Just got done with PUMP-HD, and was not impressed. NO explode tasted like ass but wasn't bad. Ive tried Monster Pump and it was alright it just made me kinda bloated. Currently part of my training consist of the smolov squat program so I occasionally need help getting my mind right. Thanks for the help guys -Boles


1 scoop Plazma 15-20 minute Pre-workout, then pound a Spike Shooter 5 minutes before I leave for the gym (it's a 5-minute walk for me). Once in a blue moon, I'll pop 1.5-2g Tyrosine with the Spike, even though it already has some in it, I seem to respond well.

Ha, if Smolov is just "part" of your training, what's the rest look like?


For me it was always gatorade and whey. I always found fast acting preworkout carbs did very well for me. Then when Biotest came out with their stuff it was Surge, etc. Now it's the new Anaconda which I'm very happy with(no stomach issues with this one)great results. Haven't tried Plazma yet though. And most times it's lots of coffee. Occassionaly if I have spare cash and dieting and training harder than usual I'll throw in Alpha GPC beforehand and then Power Drive after.


Zion War Machine?

I'd buy Biotests stuff if it wasn't worth more than cocaine to get in Oz. It seems to do the trick though from all reports.


caffiene + bcaa + beta-alanine + tyrosine


I do this, along with Plazma before/during.


this plus citrulline


Balanced meal 1.5 to 2 hours before workout. Protein drink with banana, oats, milk 1 hour before workout. Pre workout mix, whatever floats your boat(white flood, craze, caffine, , eca stack, jacked3d, nothing, whatever )


No xplode extra. Biotest's products are great as well if you got money buy their stuff


If you want the cheap end of things, 3 cups of regular milk (not the chocolate garbage) 30-45 min before your workout plus 5g leucine right before works well for me. 3 cups of milk is roughly 27g of protein and 36g of carbs, which is enough for most people in my opinion. Since the protein digests a bit slower due to the casein, having it a bit early so it can get into your blood stream before your workout helps a lot.

If you need a stimulant, 200-400 mg of caffeine is a great pick-me-up.

Of course if you have issues with dairy than you'll have to find a better option.


I wanted to try that stuff, buddy swears by it. Hve you tried other pre workouts? I think your anger may be attributed to caffeine crashes later on in the day?



bcaas are probably a waste of money/supplement unless you are a bodybuilder on a cut/diet.


Ok, tell us why please.


BCAA stands for amino acids.
Amino acids make up protein.
protein can be found in various forms, that are cheaper than BCAAs.

Following that logic, for MOST people, it's definitely cheaper to dial in your diet or drink whey protein, than to buy and waste BCAAs.

Sure, BCAAs are useful, if you are trying to maintain protein intake and minimize calories(as if you were on a cut).

Do you disagree?

I have friends tell me all the time "My trainer told me to buy BCAAs" and that is coming from a person who thinks protein shakes would make them fat... so I might be a bit over-sensitive to the use of BCAAs but please enlighten me otherwise.


I've been experimenting with dark (70%) chocolate lately and the results have been amazing. About 100g of it an hr before my workout and i am jumping out of my skin with energy when i hit the weight room.


Could someone call bullshit or otherwise on this?


The old Jac3d had 1,3 dimethyl in it which is sort of banned and sort of not, either way, its not good for you if you're trying to put size on because it is also something used in a lot of fat burners, that's why people like oxyelite pro so much because they're walking around all day on small doses of amphetamines. New jac3d formula sucks, it's not worth it. Pump HD doesn't really boast a stim aspect to it, it's supposed to be for a pump, (hence the brotastic name) I used to sell Pump HD along with another stim in order to get a better pump and energy

. It wasn't necessary but it is fun to take both. Take the N.O. explode and please throw it in the garbage where it belongs because it's all stim and doesn't offer any performence benefits, (unless you consider taking the loudest dump of your life a benefit) I can't speak for monster pump bc i've never had it but i hate cytosport and their products are terrible with the exception of monster amino. The two best Pre workouts are: Assault, by musclepharm, and 1mr by BPI. After taking virtually every preworkout out there these are the only two that I will ever take.

Also please allow me to be a mom for a second and say that you don't need preworkouts. The only reason I ever took them is because I got them for free when I worked at GNC. I used to have young guys in their early twenties come in all the time asking for sexual health products because they had a hard time having a hard time. The reason for this is because you can over tax your CNS by taking so many stimulants without taking a break, or taking a preworkout too often and they get blood flow problems.

I only take preworkouts when i need them, or as a treat to myself. They will not affect your training progress, they just give you energy. Also if you're doing smolov, do you really want a preworkout? I never take preworkouts on days i either squat or deadlift because i will past out from all the blood rushing to my head. And leg pumps kind of suck.....something to consider


I dont think too many would take issue with your statements. However, this is not what you originally stated. You claimed they were bullshit and that is why you were asked to clarify. in your clarification you claimed they are not bullshit, but rather not necessary. That is true and hard to argue with.


gotchya, thanks.