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Pre-Workout Shake

Can you reccommend a good pre workout shake. I am 6’3 225. My goals are to maitain my weight and add muscle mass. I don’t want to becaome a body builder…just in better shape and a little bit ripped. I will be doing my workouts around 6:30am. Also is it a good idea to have a post workout shake when I will be eating breakfast shortly after my workout. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi there.

I heard that people drink 1/2 of 1 serving of Surge DURING workout and drink the rest right after the workout.

The answer is now made simple for all of us. The product is called “Surge”. You can read up on it on this website and it’s the best for both pre and post training, bar none! Check it out!

Listen to Stella, she knows what she’s talking about.

Troy, when trying to put on muscle and working out that early in the am, your glycogen stores are depleted from your RMR in your slumber, so you need glucose quick. Try this: 1 scoop Surge + 20g maltodextrin + 20g Dextrose. Start with 500mL water, sip on it on your way to the gym. As you workout, continue sipping on it, but gradually add more water as your workout progresses. By the time your workout is over, you should have finished the shake with a total of 1-1.5L water. The reason for this is getting blood glucose up high quick with the concentrated 4:1 ratio, then maintaining high levels with the diluted shake that is eaiser for your body to assimilate. Don’t be scared to add carbs to your Surge, I got this idea from personal emails with John Berardi. Protein factory has good prices on dextrose & maltodextrin. Have the exact same shake right after your workout.

One more thing, you may want to take some B6 right when you wake up, the BCAA’s in the Surge will be utilized much better. This wouldn’t be nessecary if you worked out later in the day, as B6 is abundant in most american’s diets, but since you havent eaten in 9 or so hours, you could benefit from 10mg or so, capsule better than tablet.

I pretty sure you dont want to add anything to your Surge shake. As posted in Issue 158, Tim say not to tinker with the formula…

Yes, you can add as Marc said. Marc has some strange and crazy ideas (See: "Marcs 48 Hour Cardio Session Part 2) but he got this one from JMB himself!

Like all things science related- time, experience and new research can change what we used to “know”. Tim was greatly opposed to adding anything to Surge when using it as a post workout only drink, to induce a clinical hypoglycemic state. John Berardi designed Surge for Biotest, and reccomended to me the additon of the carbs, and you may also note his inclusion of creatine in recent articles, along with antioxidants with the post workout shake. Surge is not magic, it’s just high quality carbs, protein, BCAA’s.