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Pre-Workout Shake


I came to this site not even considering a pre workout shake. I read it in an article and it immediatly made sence to me. So I tried searching it on this site and google. Everything was full of products I have no interest on buying. What I go I have is 26 gps Whey Protein and Pure Creatine. Nothing else nothing less.

I currently mix 18 grams of creatine in with water throughout the day and drink 39 grams of whey protein. 26 after a workout and 13 before bed.

After a workout I drink a smoothie with 26 g protein, 8 g creatine with mixed fruit, yogurt, sugar, ice.

I'm completely lost on a pre-workout shake, or anythng that is actually at the grocery store. I dont want to buy any products or supplements online, anywhere. Fruit smoothies is what I do. I can make a meal, but wouldn't perfer it.

Thank you!


Why don't you want to buy supps online? They're cheaper, generally. But if you're not going to get fancy, carbs and protein before and during your workout. Also, your post isn't the most coherent thing in the world.


Because fruit smoothies IS WHAT HE DOES !!!!!!!


It's an understandible post. It's tough to figure out how to eat slow digesting carbs and protein before a workout if all you're used to is 39g (? cool number bro ?) of protein and 8g of creatine


Why are you trying to answer something??? The OP didn't answer a question. His post was just FYI in case you wanted to hear him vent and to find out what he does after a workout.


For example, some people just like to share:



It is tough to understand his question, if there is any. Mtlian are you looking to consume more calories before you train? or are you looking for more pre workout energy like a NO or super pump or something


If you want a high quality PreWO shake, it's gonna come from somewhere online, be it here or elsewhere. What is your aversion to making purchases online?


Working on grammar and sentence construction might be the first step, not trying to be a dick, but it's hard to help people when they don't clearly state in what way they need help.


I guess I just fail at forums


Stop being a pussy and eat a well-balanced meal 90-120 minutes before you workout.

At the very least blend whey and oats, a banana, and a tbs of PB a half hour before you workout -- works for me if I have morning workouts or don't plan my meals accordingly.

This site offers free shipping, other sites also offer free shipping for tall orders. Much cheaper than purchasing from a specialty store, so take advantage!

In addition, there is no point to consuming more than five grams of creatine. That's all you need one teaspoon post workout with your smoothie.

And, learn to type -- you sound twelve years old!


You are definitely wasting a ton of creatine, and your protein consumption is a bit low unless you are eating a ton of whole foods.

For PWO I would drink between 30-40 grams of protein, and then you can also drink shakes between meals or at bedtime in the amount of 25-30 grams. I get about 75 grams of protein from shakes on non-training days and 100+ on training days; this is along with another 100+ grams everyday from whole foods.

Drop the creatine to 5 grams daily as mentioned above (this is all that you need for muscle saturation). The quality of protein and type of protein also makes a differnt. For PWO shakes whey protein is great, but for bedtime or MRP shakes it is a poor choice. You would be better off with a more versatile product like a protein blend (whey/egg/casein)

Hope this helps.


Yeah, isn't a more typical creatine dose about 5g a day unless you're loading? And if you're eating carbs ANYWHERE during the day, consider them pre workout.


Why are you having that much creatine? You know you're just wasting it, right?