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Pre Workout Routine


Is this the type of pre workout i wanna consume an hour and a 1/2 or 2 hours before.
- 2 scoops of protein, cup of skim milk, banana, tsp of yogurt and table spoon of peanut butter all natural


should i consume a cup of brown rice with a protein shake?

And for post workout, which of the options would be better? and how much do i wanna wait until i consume something after a workout, usually my protein shake is within 5 minutes after im done..


I dont think the peanut butter before workout is a good idea... fat before a workout? Just focus on carbs and protein on your pre. And for your post focus on some simple and complex carbs along with some protein, take your protein right after ur workout, dont evfen wait and along with some carb mix( if you have some, IE: Surge Workout Fuel or otehr brands) and wait like 1hr after that to eat.


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i weigh 190, and i wanna get bigger.


you kidding me, thereĀ“s probably over 100 articles on here dedicated purely to peri workout nutrition and you come up with 2 specific meals and ask us to choose one?!

Please do yourself a favour and read at least one of those articles and then if you still have questions, post.

But you wont!


I wanna say dont listen to him, but if you are trying to save money, then stifck to whatever your thinkging, maybe supply yourself withatleast couple supplements, it doesnt have to be necesarily from this website cause its kind of expensive....


then have both... seriously


PRE ^ nice balance of protein and carbs, with some fat to slow down the sugars from the milk and banana from spiking blood sugar too fast.

POST ^ carbs and protein with little fat to slow down absorption, nice.


do tell why this isnt a good idea?


^ x2


I usually stay away from fat before a workout because it's going to slow the digestion and utilization of whatever your consuming. A little fat isn't going to kill you (sub 5 grams), but personally I want to focus on protein and carbs in my meal directly before a lift, so my body has the fuel and the building blocks ready to go.