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Pre-Workout Rituals


It seems like a lot of people do their own unique things before workouts and sets.

O ne guy at my gym always does a prayer and points up to the clouds before heavy sets--especially squats. I have a roommate who always to listens to "Headstrong" by Trapt before almost every workout.

Before workouts, I occasionally down some caffeine and take a short nap. Then, I put on some motivational Youtube/Pumping Iron videos while I get ready to leave. Hard rock/metal/rap in the car.
Before sets, I like to close my eyes for a few seconds, block everyone else out, and visualize me succeeding. I usually don't prefer music while working out because I prefer blocking everything out in my mind.

What do you do before your workouts/sets?


I listen to this song.

And masturbate with a fist-full of gravel, cause I'm weird like that.


I thought I was the only one that did that..............


I generally listen to mellow R&B on the way over... but then crank the metal when I get there. That's about as much of a ritual as I have. I typically try to just jump into whatever I need to do as soon as possible.


Take a shit - especially on leg day - don't want to drop the kids off in the rack.


I do an 8-ball of coke, and listen to the Never Ending story on tape.


now that made me LOL.

I just usually change into my workout clothes, nothing special



Dammit you son of a bitch.


I like to listen to this song before the final countdown:


haha thats great advice. I like to wear a beanie and pull it half over my eyes b4 i lift super heavy.


i figured someone here would get it.

But in a serious point, i listen to itunes while getting dressed, rap on my way there.

I would rather work out in silence, but the shit music my gym plays forces me to bring my ipod.


Love that song. But this cover is better.


I always have to take a piss, no matter how much I need to actually go.

During squats before I get under the bar, I have to pretty much block everything out.

Cleans, I always have to push the bar with my foot and then pull it back.

That's pretty much it. Most of the stuff is just some weird kind of OCD.


depending on the lift,,,if its a heavy pull or snatch, i have a little circle i walk in before addressing the bar...if its heavy squats, i shake the bar in the rack (just for a second, ...get it shaking with ease i find instills confidence, and give a small sense of control - think batista to the top rope haha..super lame) to get my game face on

and if its a heavy squat/dead day, i have a particular pair of short shorts/sweet long sock combo i wear

hmm...thats all i can really think of that is really consistant


Do you workout at ramsey?

If you do, I remember this guy. He's a buck seventy, wore NWO t-shirts with the sleeves cut off and bandannas.



Yeah I work out at Ramsey. This is a different guy--buzzed head, cutoff sleeves, won the Strongest Dawg powerlifting championship in his class.


That dude is strong as hell. I saw a dude in there today squatting 335x10 below parallel and a friend of mine said he weighs 167. I don't think the strongest guys at ramsey were at the strongest dawg meet though. Ive seen this huge dude squat 500 in the rack before with just wraps and a belt. Also seen a few 500lb deadlifts and nobody pulled 500 in that meet.

BTW heres the guy you were mentioning that won the shit:


I walk up to random people, make angry dog noises right in their fucking face, then walk away.




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