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Pre-Workout Nutrition???

I’ve read in numerous magazines that some beleive that pre-workout meals are just as if not more important than post-workout meals. I disagree. I mean Im sure there good and all but not as good/important as post meals are. Could you guys please give me some info. on this? Thanx

Jeremy, I don’t know if you know if you know that there is a search engine on the left hand side. This topic has been talk about plenty of times… So I recommend doing a search. Just type in pre-workout nutrition and you’ll get a lot of info on it. Hope this helps…

Yeah, and who needs protein anyway :slight_smile:

I’ll help you out, it’s the Pre-workout meal/drink. To find the details, put in a search for John Berardi. At one time he thought post workout nutrition was more important, but then modified his position when some new data came out. By the way, why choose one or the other, do both!

Are we talking about the last ‘whole food’ meal before a workout, or the beginning of pre-mid-postworkout liquid consumption?

Regarding the solid food, I always make mine Protein + Fat, as per JB’s recommendations.

As for the liquid meal, I usually start sipping it on the way to the gym, finish half of it through my workout and the last half upon completion. I believe this is the general consensus.