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pre-workout nutrition with low carb diets

Right now, I usually lift in the mornings, around 6:30 am, since it is about the only time that the gym at my school isn’t packed. What would be a good meal to have before lifting, considering that I live on campus? I’m following a fairly low carb diet( about 70 grams on days that I lift, or basically the t-dawg diet.

Berardo would say to get some carbs and protein in you. See the ‘Essential Berardi’ article in current issue. Chris has written before that he’d at least take in a scoop of protein with a lot of water. I don’t think any T-mag expert suggest lifting on an empty stomach. And remember, Chris says you can get 100 grams on training day in the new, but unpublished version of the T-dawg.

Either one scoop of whey protein mixed with water or drink 1/2 serving of surge before and during your training.

I found it to be perfect to take in 6 oz. of grape juice, 5grams of glutamine, and 15 grams of protein mix. Before! then do the exact same for post workout.