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Pre-Workout Nutrition while Working 3rd Shift

My question lies with preworkout nutrition. I go to bed at 8 am and get up at 3 pm. I’m at the gym by 4. I’ve been eating but I always feel like vomiting towards the end of my workout. Should I just down a shake or how should I go about eating pre workout?

One option if you’re not actually puking is just to live with it. Otherwise get up earlier? Or maybe use Plazma or something.

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Paradoxically, I tend to feel better with solid food in my stomach than a shake prior to workout. I don’t feel very comfortable with a lot of liquid in.

What are you eating pre workout?

Typically I eat 6 eggs and a cup of rice, which is a full meal for me. I may have to look at eating a can of tuna and a slice of 12 grain bread or something. I’m doing Jim Wendler 531 BBB. I’m good on press and bench days. Deadlift and squat days are what get me.

Eggs aren’t the easiest food to digest so that might be a hint.

Definitely try eating something else, try to limit fats and fiber and only have lean protein and possibly fast digesting carbs for that meal and see if that helps.

I find eggs are the most filling food on earth.

Switch out for something light like a turkey steak

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I will try 8oz turkey or chicken ground. I like ground bc it seems to be easier to digest and eat. Do you think white rice will be fine or should I go with something else?

I think white rice is the easiest digesting carb source there is so I’d stick with it. The only other thing worth trying would be a carbohydrate powder but there are so many of them and different people react differently to different powders.

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I’ve tried the carb powders in the past and they gave me the shits pretty bad so I stay away from them lol. I’ll try the turkey and rice and either wake up earlier or head to the gym a little later.

toast or banana or two on waking then amino drink 5-10 mins preworkout

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Oats and protein, I eat that an hour before I’m at the gym after waking.

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I didn’t go to the gym today bc I’m extreme sick. I am going tomorrow no matter what so I will try making a protein shake with a couple of bananas or some turkey and rice.

I’ve tried oats in the past when I was younger and training but they always gave me diarrhea. I tried eating half a cup and even a quarter of a cup but they always had the same effect so I just stay away from them now. I wish I could eat oats bc the guy I trained with 10+ yrs ago recommended I eat a few bowls a day.

Gotta try this.

I work late till like 4am. Once or twice a week I get up at 1200, eat and I’m training by 1330 and everythings digested and good to go. Other training days I don’t work butt still eat it to get going.

This may or may not be helpful, but have you tried anything that helps with like your circadian rhythm? Not that it’s jacked up or anything, I figured it’s probably adjusted to sleeping during the day. Maybe like Melatonin?

For a while last year I kept experiencing insomnia, and just let it fix itself, but I was sleeping all day, and I’d wake up by 5-6pm. So I’d do a few of the things listed below.

B-complex supplements help with a small pick me up, energy wise, and I’m not sure if you’re a fruit person, but like the ones with a higher sugar count help. Strawberries, apples, blueberries, bananas, etc. concerning pre-workout. Dilute some black tea, drink it unsweetened, with a decent amount of caffeine, not too much though.

Maybe Invest in some highly branched cyclic dextrin. Easy on the stomach too. Opt for a tasteless flavor, and you can mix it with pretty much whatever you want. Shakes, pancakes, coffee, tea, bread, oatmeal, etc.

My sleep is completely screwed up. I sleep from 8am -2:30-3 pm Monday through Friday and 12 am to 8 am Saturday and Sunday. I have tried sleep aids but they make me want to sleep all day.

I will try the high sugar fruits and see how they help. I bought some steel cut oats today to see how that settles on my stomach. If I remember correctly I can eat them. Pre-workout is always difficult for me nutrition wise. I try to get my main carbs in pre and post work out meals, rice or maybe even junk if I’m in the mood for something like that (soda, candy bar) but that doesn’t happen often. The rest of my meals are pretty plain with chicken, turkey, eggs or lean beef and veggies.
I haven’t heard of highly cyclic dextrin but I will look into that as well.

Thanks for the tips!

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