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Pre Workout Nurtrition


Hi. I'm aiming to lose or at least just maintain fat levels for a while and not lose any muscle (even build hopefully).

Will pre-workout Surge hinder fat loss?

What about immediately post workout?

Should I be having high GI carbs 45 min post workout to spike insulin again?

Also, I really struggle with putting size on my legs...they naturally get very lean especially with cardio. I want to add in a bit of cardio to help with fat loss. Would the best time be right after lifting (maybe 10 min of high intensity work) or seperate it completely or fasted light cardio in the morning?



Possible but what is the major goal gain muscle or lose fat. Plus if this increses the output in the gym then it could swing things even further to the positive try it I like it.


Hmm individual again. I dont personally go for High GI after the Surge. I go for more complex sources real food.

High intensity work. I would save it for another time. 99% of the time I wouldnt be able to do real HIGH intensity follow a weights session as I gave the weights everything I had for the most part. You may opt for something low intensity while drinking that Surge down.

How is your diet?? What about your training. Your are having real probs putting meat on the legs yet wanting to do cardio when all ready in a pretty catabolic state??

Really it boils a LOT down to finding what works for you and a balance of total dailky intake and some timing.

Hope that gets you started and helps some.


The only sort of help I can offer is in order to add size to your legs. You say you have trouble keeping size on them because of cardio. Well in order to replace cardio, I'd recomend doing what my old coach calls "power circuts." You grab a 25 or 35 pound plate and work for thirty second intervals with thirty second rests doing high intensity stuff like:

Push Press overhead
overhead squat
twist and press
front raise tricep extention
driving the car
squat jumps
good mornings
russian twist
touch the foot to diagonal press

that's about as many as I can think of now, but I'm sure you can think of other things. If anyone sees any problems with what I recomended please say so, I only use it to develop some anaerobic endurance for hockey.