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PRE-workout now...

I have asked many questions about postworkout but now,I need to ask about preworkout.
Here’s the deal.I workout at 5:00 am(schedule) and I have gotten replies that it’s bad to workout
on an empty stomach.Well,I am making the effort now to wake up at 3:30 am and getting something
in.I wanted some suggestions as to what I should eat at this time? Don’t tell me about supplements.
I only got whey protein so what FOODS/DRINKS I can take in.Thanks.

p/s:Today,I had 22 g protein(1 scoop whey) and ~25-30 g carbs (skim milk). I wasn’t sure about this,
that’s why I am asking. Thanks.

What is your body fat level ? Are you in a mass gaining phase or trying to "cut up " ?

1 scoop of protein mixed with a cup of plain oatmeal. trust me on this one

I too used to work out at that ungodly hour. I personally like to cut through all the stuff that I hear from others and do what comes most comfortably and practically. How do you feel when you don’t eat before your workout? I used to gas up with just a quart of chocolate milk before my workouts. ANother trick that I did to help me feel charged was to eat a big meal the night before (this is assuming that you’re trying to gain weight), so that I’d still feel full or at least satisfied by morning wake up for that 0500 workout (wake up was at 0415). Just because people say that it’s not good for u and all that, I think that if you have enough energy to go around and have a good workout, make progress, etc., then you don’t need to eat or gas up at 0330. Sleep a bit more, and ignore what the “experts” say in favor of getting more sleep and feeling better. Personally, I think that waking up at that hour is insane, just to have some food in you.

Steve>> I am bulking.

Robusto>>Thanks.I’ll try it!I used to eat that but for breakfast.Now I’ll try pre-workout.

I’d definently go with robusto on this one.

Use the rxtra time for sleep, have a glass of grape juice w/ a gram of L-Tyrosine, 500 mg C 50 mg B6 mixed in, pre prepared the night before waiting in the fridge, pre prepared whey protein shake ready after.

1 or 2 scoops whey, with a HONEY (30-50g worth) in some water. Trust me.