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Pre-workout morning meal

Due to work my work schedule, hour commute (each way), two kids, and a wife I need to train in the morning, at home. I’m following the “Get Buffed” program from Coach King’s book. I’ve been hitting the weights on an empty stomach (wake up at 6:15 drink a cup of coffee, Ribose C, 10 min on a stationary bike, 15-20 stretching followed by workout and PW drink). My question is what to eat prior to training to prevent catabolism. I’ve got about 15 minutes of waking time prior to hitting the bike!

I’m not a big fan of doing weight training workouts on an empty stomach, especially if you’re looking for size and strength gains. (Ian King isn’t either, for the most part. Wait for Friday’s issue of T-mag for details.) In fact, I don’t like cardio in a fasted state either, but that’s another topic.

I’d suggest you get at least one scoop of Advanced Protein in water before training, or Designer if you can gag it down. I’ve been doing something like this before my AM sled dragging sessions and it makes a big difference. I’d get your Ribose-C first, then get your protein around 10 minutes later. My schedule:

Wake up

Scratch balls

Take Power Drive mixed with dose of Ribose-C and caffeine tablet. Chew caffeine tablet if you need to kick it quickly.

Check e-mail, read T-mag forum, and wait for everything to take effect.

Drink 2 glorious scoops of Advanced Protein in water.

Head to local football field, warm-up, stretch, and then drag the sled around Dave Tate-style.

Hope this helps.

I second the protein part. Chris, did you get your sled from Dave? Then you have to buy plates in order to use it? I just attended a seminar of his and he said pulling it on grass would be harder than cement.

Just use a scoop of protein–something light on your stomach.

jd- I’m using an old homemade looking sled along with a bunch of tires on ski ropes right now. I may pick up one of Dave’s sleds, though. I have plenty of weights already to stack on it. Right now I’m pulling on grass.

What’s all this sled business?

Has TC roped all you guys into draggin’ his behind around the Iditarod circuit…?

Mark- Read Dave Tate’s article on sled dragging from a few issues back.

Hay Chris, thanks for the suggestions. . .that scratching the balls thing is working great, oh, the other stuff about the two scoops of P-protein and the caffine pill has worked great over the past couple of days, thanks again.