Pre-Workout Morning HIIT

I’ll be starting morning hill sprint sessions and wanted some advice on how long would be optimal to wait after eating in the morning. i have little time before college so starting the sessions as soon as possible without risking muscle loss is my main goal.

i’ll be doing the sessions mainly for performance (with the added benefit of EPOC and GFlux).

i was thinking of having 5g BCAA’s and 20g whey as soon as i wake.

5’8. 150lbs

thanks in advance

If thats all you’re taking before the sprinting then I would say 30 min should be fine.

thanks for the reply. i was after people opinions on what to eat before in order to preserve muscle and to be able to perform the session as soon as possible after waking and ingesting said preworkout meal.

what is everyones proposed preworkout meal and least amount of time before performing the session

thanks in advance

Ill just add from the title I would not do true HIIT prior to a workout. its going to take away from the resistance training session. Id try and do them separate times. Separated by a day/s at best and if not several hours and meals at the least


looking at the title it is misleading. sorry.

its not hiit before a workout (preworkout)

its what to eat (preworkout) before the actual session of hill sprints.

any ideas and timing before starting?

thanks in advance

OK in that case eat as close to it as you can and not Puke or have it hinder your intensity.

Experiment and find how you perform best


thanks phill for your input.

this morning i had 20g whey, 5g bcaa and a medium banana about 5-10mins before starting the sprints. felt fine, just hope that it is enough to stave off muscle catabolism