Pre-Workout Meal

Is it essential to eat something before hitting the weights? I usually eat a full meal around 1 - 2 hours before lifting (High Carb/ Medium to High Protein/ Low Fat) but was wondering if if this was enough or if I should maybe eat a small amount of carbs shortly before (something like a piece of fruit.) I also always see people ssaying to take some whey pre-workout; but is this really necessary??

yeah you got it right, sometimes ill have a banana before workout, but it makes me gassy/farty, and i like to have a neutral stomach when i train

try it out, it cant hurt. if you are having that nice big meal i dont really see why the whey pre workout would help that much, if anything, pop some BCAAs

Eating simple carbs is good before a workout because it gives you energy. Stay away from fats or proteins before a workout since digesting fats and proteins will cause your stomach to take a lot of blood away from your muscles. This will leave you with less energy.

i think most of this stuff is ultimately trivial if you are anything less than like elite level. the key is just get calories in your to burn, and keep the protein intake constant, then lift your ass off

any ideas for what to eat???


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any ideas for what to eat???[/quote]

method man’s super sperm.

yuk…!!! no thanks lads. ill just stick to a few bananas then.

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