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Pre Workout Meal

im trying to find a good pre workout meal any suggestions?

I’ve always stuck with protein powder with fruit (bananas, or berries), or sometimes oatmeal protein shakes. For me the key is that it’s easily digestable b/c I don’t like training when I’m stuffed. The fruit/protein shakes I can digest in 20-30 minutes…the oatmeal ones take considerably longer…up to an hour. Either way, they each give me energy and I don’t feel sluggish like I just ate a turkey dinner.

You can try an protein supplement with a shot of carbs, something like Surge is good. Otherwise, protein shake with some oats added is a good option.

As long as it has some protein and some carbs you should be good.

I like some yogurt with strawberries and blueberries mixed in.

Surge. Seriously.


If your looking for a pre-workout meal that is not protein powder based, I personally have had success with the following:

  • low sodium turkey breast on whole wheat toast
  • low fat plain yogurt with honey and berries
  • pasta with chicken breast and veggies

Although, most people around here swear by some form of hydrolyzed whey protien mixed with a fast acting sugar (i.e. sucrose, maltodextrin or dextrose). You can make this cocktail yourself or you can purchase some Surge (which is probably your best bet). Hope that helps.

If it gets close to workout time such that I’m not willing to eat solid food, I’ll have maybe a cup of milk.

If I’m not running late, I’ll just have a very small protien and carb snack.

16z honey,yummy.

thanks for the ideas keep em comin

pasta and some kind of meat is what i usually have. always have plenty of energy to work out

I took this from another thread…

I have been experimenting for the last couple of months with different approaches for my pre-workout meal.  I feel that I have found a routine that has worked very well for me during the past couple of weeks.  

I feel that it is important to state that timing of these meals is to be taken into account just as the food choices are.  Every person has very different digestive capabilities.  I for one cannot eat solid food within an hour of my workout with out feeling bloated and sluggish throughout my workout.

My current pre-workout routine:

Meal 1, 1 1/2 hours before workout:
10 egg whites
1 whole egg
175g beans*
100g pineapples
2 fish oil caps

Meal 2, 15 min. before workout:
1 serving Surge (I do not chug the Surge before my workout, I only began consumption. I continue to sip throughout my workout & finish about 15 min before I end.)

  I will then consume a liquefied meal of whole food approx. 30-45 min after my workout.

*I soak all of my beans overnight in a 0.05% solution of baking soda before I cook them. This significantly reduces the oligosaccharide content (this is what causes the gas).

During the past 4 weeks I have had a very notable increase in LBM.  I feel that you should know that I have not been in a caloric surplus during this time (my current goals have been fat loss), so I have been in a slight caloric deficiency.  Take that for what it is worth.

I am beginning to understand why many top professionals are beginning to recommend BCAA's prior to a workout, and some are even recommending BCAA's consumption throughout the day (which really is starting to make sense from a physiological standpoint).

Good Luck with constructing your Pre-workout meal.

I’ve heard someone swear by a candy bar. Mars to be more specific.