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Pre-workout meal

Do you think that pre-workout meal should consist mostly of carbs or protein and fat?
Which one is right?
I heard that if you use mainly carbs then it will cause insulin spike and you will lose energy during the workout. However, if you use protein and fat, this will give you sustained energy during the workout.

If you are working out first thing in the morning, what should you consume as breakfast 1 and half hour prior to work out?

On morning workouts I eat nothing beforehand - After the workout I hit the recovery formula and get a bigger post workout spike. Also, during other times I don’t recommend eating anything less than an hour before working out and even then make sure it’s fast acting - like whey protein isolate. If your relatively
“clear” after the workout you will be “more sensitive” to an insulin spike during recovery.

Drink a MRP BEFORE early morn. w/o’s-if not your body is eating your MUSCLE(yea,aLITTLE fat as well-not worth it). Two hours before w/o eat a protein,carb,little fat meal. the key is to consume complex carbs(low GI)for sustained energy throughout your w/o