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Pre Workout Meal


Hi guys,

I have been struggling to complete my diet plan as i cannot seem to find a very effective

pre-workout meal. Now my goals at the moment are to slowly shed bodyfat but keep increasing my

strength and muscle size as i am currently training for a strongman competition next year.

I normally eat grilled turkey mince and sweet potato 1.5-2 hours prior to my workout but this

doesn't seem to be providing sufficient energy levels for my workouts.

Any advice would be welcome :slight_smile:


You can try 'carb backloading', but I can't justify it's effectiveness as it's really only a protocol. I think some tangible advice is that for some people, generally speaking, a pre workout meal isn't going to dictate how you will perform, but instead, the meal you had eaten the day/night before will.

I've been training hard and heavy off of maybe a yogurt or just a heaping teaspoon of peanut butter in the morning. In the morning I just focus on loading up on water and getting some caffeine in my system.

This is just what works for me, I'm a bit lighter than you, so perhaps you're more sensitive to carbs than I am. Hope that's useful if anything.


I typically train late in the afternoon and from previous experiance i find that if i have had a good meal prior to my workout, it will increase my performance and strength. It's just finding the right food that will supplement my goals thats the problem. I might try having fruit with probiotic yoghourt and some granol next time.


Good idea dude, that's what I would do for sure.