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Pre-Workout Meal?


I have a question. I'm deciding between two options for my preworkout meal:
1) 1 banana (100g as app. 400Kj) + 250 ml of 1,5% milk + scoop of protein (14grams of protein) = 1200Kj
2) protein bar (21grams of carbs: 13sugars + 14 gram of protein + 5grams of fat) + 250ml of 1,5% milk = 1250Kj

Which one would be better if I wanto to workout long and my goal is to build muscle. I have regular postworkout of 25grams of whey protein and 45grams of dextrose.

Thanks very much:)


What about a large full meal? An actual plate of food does more for my workouts than anything else.


Either one.


and better is?:slightly_smiling:


well, i workout immediately after my school, so at 2pm approximately and i don't have time for a bigger meal before i eat few snacks after breakfast and then this preworkout snack, but the i have my pwo shake then pwo snack, pwo meal and bedtime snack




Whichever one you like more, there both about the same.


People: There is no special food that's going to make or break your workout.

People here list different protein and carb sources in the hopes that somehow different kinds are going to make huge differences. They aren't. If it's been a very long time since I've eaten and I have a workout scheduled, I eat a Clif Builder bar or yogurt with fruit and granola. Do these sound fancy?


Your response speaks volumes. You would find a way to consume the proper foods if your results meant enough to you. The rest of us have.


Whichever one settles in your stomach better. I would prefer some whey isolate and a carb drink personally.