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Pre-Workout Meal?



I was wondering what a good pre workout idea would be....I just ran out of FINiBARs. I usually wake up around 8ish, have an omelet (6 egg whites, chicken breast, cup spinach), then I have 2 scoops Metabolic Drive around 11 or 12, then i go to the gym around 2:30. I've just been getting so tired around 2 though.

I'm on a low carb cutting diet, and I've been eating 1/2 a FINiBAR before lifting and having one scoop Surge after...any ideas of something that will help my energy levels without too many carbs? Thanks


What are your current macros?

Seems like you are lacking fats. Even on a cutting diet you need healthy fats. WHy not some whole eggs @ breakfast, EVCO can help, Flameout, FA3.


Im getting around 2000 calories, 100 to 150 carbs, 30-50 fat, 225ish protein, 30-50 sugar per day. I take 4 Flameout caps as well. My peri workout is 1/2 FINiBAR before and 1 scoop Surge Recovery after - which is around 45 g carb, so the rest of the day i have around 50 g carbs to "spare."

Anyway, after eating 1/2 FINiBAR, I still feel sluggish. people say, "Well then, eat a full FINiBAR..." Yeah, I could do that, but that would up the peri carb count by about 20, leaving me around 30g carbs to spare for the rest of the day, and I don't want that...Any ideas. P.S. I'm taking Spike tabs and they don't seem to do a whole lot


Not enough fats. Increase them to 80-100g with EVO as recommended above, or almond butter, mct, coconut etc...


Ok, but how can I increase fats by that much without ingesting too many calories? There's a shitload of cals in pb, EVOO, etc... Here's an example of what my diet looks like for the most part:

6 egg whites, 1 chicken breast, handful spinach, seasoning)
cal - 400
carb - 7g
fat - 5g
protein - 55g
sugar - 0

PERIWORKOUT (12 - 2pm)
1/2 Finibar before workout, 1 scoop Surge Recovery after)
cal - 310
carb - 41g
fat - 8g
pro - 18g
sugar - 23g

1/2 bag romaine lettuce, small roma tomato, small yellow bell pepper, can tuna, 2 tbsp fat free ranch, seasoning
cal - 250
carb - 30g
fat - 3g
pro - 24g
sugar - 11g

SNACK (6pm)
1.5 scoops MD
cal - 165
carb - 6g
fat - 3g
pro - 33g
sugar - 1g

DINNER (9pm)
2 ahi tuna steaks, bag of frozen mixed veges
cal - 390
carb - 20g
fat - 2g
pro - 57g
sugar - 15g

SHAKE (11:15 pm)
1.5 scoop MD
same as earlier

cal - 1,680
carb - 110g
fat - 24g
pro - 220g
sugar - 51g

Sometimes I eat more, sometimes less, but this is generally what I'm looking at. I have to really push myself to maintain, and now that fat loss is my goal, i REALLY have to push myself. I take Flameout, multivitamins and I am currently following www.sealfit.com
Thanks for any help


You need to eat fat to burn fat, that is why 24g is not going to cut it. You are making the mistake of a low carb and low fat diet, your going to metabolism proteins for energy and lose your muscle. How much do you weigh? I would be tired by 2pm eating that little kcals too...


what should i add, take away or sub in that sample diet? I've heard Shugart say that the body uses fats better at night, and carbs best around morning/workout. Right now, I'm 6 foot 2 and weigh around 175...I'm still trying to cut, because although that sounds really low, I just have a weird body type. Any tweaks to that diet would be greatly appreciated


and whats the optimal amount of fat to get in a day when on a cutting diet anyway




At 6.2ft and 175ft tall I would recommend increases kcals AND training load aiming for more G-Flux.

Train HARD and you will get leaner AND gain SOME lean mass...

You are shutting down your metabolism by ingesting such a small amount of food IMO...definately increase healthy fats!



I don't get it...Shugart says to stay under 100g carbs a day - including peri nutrition. Thib shows examples of his diets - and he's at about the same level. How can I stay so low in terms of carbs while doing some crazy protocol like this for peri workout? A Finibar is like 40 g carbs alone....

And how many grams of fat do I need a day? And how many calories? i'm following the www.sealfit.com workouts everyday, and I'm still not seeing drastic results like I want to....I'm at about 2000 cals a day, 100-130g carbs, 40-50g fat, 200-250g protein and 40-60 g sugar.....What do i need to do!!!???


It has been suggested 3 or 4 times to need to increas your healthy fats and calories..... So do it. Increase your fish oil to 10-15g. The amount of fat is already posted. I don't know what you are looking to hear in this thread?
The amount of carbs per day is going to vary person to person. If you want to go low carbs have them only peri-workout, or maybe 1 meal in the morning as well. And zero carb the rest of the day, that means healthy fats, protein, and green veggies.

At 6 foot 2, 175lbs I would say increase your kcals to ~2600 and just start exercising more, as suggest above maybe read the G-Flux article. I helped my friend diet down with more calories than you are eating and shes a 125lb female it doesnt surprise me your fat loss is stalled....


ok cool, thanks guys....