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Pre workout meal

Hi, For the longest time i trained using poliquins preparing for the ultimate workout as my pre workout meal. Then i trained early and his recommendations worked well for me. Something has come up and i have to workout some time around 4-6pm so i was wondering what you guys like to eat as your pre workout meal. This would be consumed around 2:45. Thanks for all your help . Phil

I’m following the P+C, P+F protocol for now. So I eat P+F until 3pm (I work out at 5pm). At that point I have 1.5 cups (uncooked volume) oatmeal and 500mL skim milk (with a scoop of protein powder). I find that it prevents the hunger pangs until after the work out. But it’s ‘light’ enough that it doesn’t sit in my belly. Some days I add a banana after the oatmeal, but just for fun.

With the oatmeal, I have a steady source of carbs in my blood for the workout. And the milk/oatmeal keep the protein absorption slow. Hope that helps. It’s worked just fine for me.

Phil, I have two evening workouts during the week and I still use the exact same Ultimate Workout Meal rec. by CP. I will NEVER switch to anything different. Morning or evening I have had some tremendous workouts with his recommended meal and the Power Drive 45 min. prior to. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

While dieting, I have a P+F meal an hour or 2 before my workout. Otherwise, it’s a P+C meal.

Regardless, I always drink about 1/3 of my whey/dextrose/malto/glutamine/creatine shake right before my workout, and then drink the rest right after my workout.