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Pre-Workout Meal/Snack/Drink

I’ve read a lot of what the site has to say about pre-workout drinks and such, however I don’t have the money to constantly buy
supplements like grow/power drive/ and other expensive items just to have before I workout. I need a snack or meal around the house that
will give me the proper nutrients to have a worthwhile workout


My preworkout snack (about 1 hour before) is fat free cottage cheese and honey. Sounds wierd but trust me it rocks. If you throw a bit of chocolate low carb grow you will be shocked at how good it is.

Hey phil, if you’re really serious about your workout, then quality products like Grow and Surge, etc. will diefinitely help you in your quest.

Sometimes it just takes a little shuffling around of priorities to come up with the money.

But Grow and Surge are supplements, and you mentioned snacks and meals. Go to the FAQ or Search and find “Foods that make you look good nekid” for a great list of foods that will give you the proper nutrients.

Your best bet is probably to eat some meat, oil (flax, olive, or fish), and maybe even cheese, depending on how hungry you are, about 1-1.5 hrs before your workout.

My pre-workout is 3 eggs, 1 tbsp flax, 1 scoop PRO powder

Most whole food meals cost about the same as a supplemental meal.

Yeah, except I don’t buy the food thats in my house. Supplements I’d have to buy.

Hey, then make it a family affair- why don’t you get your mom and pop working out with you too- then they might consider the supps worth buying :slight_smile: SRS

I like going with a 1/2 cup oats, 1 apple, and a protein drink. The carbs definately sustain my energy levels throughout my workout

I still use the one and only “Ultimate orange” or other similar version os it! I usually take half before workout, then the rest during. I water it down. About 16g Cho, 7g pro, 1g f(100mg caff., 15mg ephedrine) I take it three times a week only though. I only lift three times a week that’s why.

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