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Pre workout lethargism

Anyone got any suggestions on combating pre workout lethargism (Not sure if thats a proper word by the way, I feel really lethargic just by the thought of lifting real heavy weights sometimes, feel tired and lack motivation, would caffeine be a good solution? have a cup of coffee or something to wake me up a bit?? But I’ve heard caffeine destroys the effect of creatine???

Carbs will cause lethargy by inducing a seratonin "coma" like state. I had the same problem. However since I started to follow John Berardi's advice and completely cut off any carb intake at least 90 minutes prior to working out, I never had the same problem again. 
 If you're taking in carbs before workout, especially high glycemic ones, that could very likely be the culprit. Simply substitute them with healthy fats from flax, peanuts, or any kind of nuts, or olives. You'lltill get the energy you need for your workouts without the lethargy.

I agree with Diesel. Eat a P+F meal around two hours before you hit the gym and then I take my 1/2 serving of Surge right before I workout and I never feel tired.

As Big Daddy DIESEL mentioned, your pre-workout nutrition may very well be the instigator of such lethargy. However, that may not be the case. You may experiment with the outlines that DIESEL gave–via JB’s Principles. If this, however, does not solve the underlying problem, then you have some other options. Of course, taking caffeine or another stimulant like ephedrine or the like would very well get you going for the fun ahead. Unfortunately, this is treating the symptoms and not the underlying cause. I have no problem with implementing such tactics (i.e. using stimulants)on an occasional or cyclical basis, but when one becomes dependent on such then you’ve got a whole new set of issues to deal with. Another question that may need to be asked is how long it’s been since you’ve taken a recovery period from heavy lifting altogether. That is, how long’s it been since you took 5-7 days off from lifting?