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Pre-Workout for Beginner Lifter?

Well guys just wondering if anyone would recommend a pre work out the last few I have gotten haven’t been great

Coffee or generic caffeine tabs. Most preworkouts on the market are just overpriced stimulants that make you feel tingly.

Some form of carbs and protein in the meal before the workout wouldn’t hurt either. If you are a broke kid then just eat a meal 1-2 hours preworkout. This site sells an intraworkout sup that will help you get a few more reps/set. But if you’re a true beginner you need to focus on sleep, food and consistent training before you ever buy a supplement.



^and I know it’s a little tricky to say this on a supplement website, but this, too. Beginners need to get the bigger things right like training properly, eating properly, and sleeping before fretting over which supplement will take them to the next level.

The best bang-for-your-buck supplements as a beginner are going to be creatine and whey protein. Spend your money there instead of buying a preworkout.

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Thanks lads it’s much appreciated, I have a good diet and I am very good and haven’t missed training yet but sleep is an area I’m slacking I struggle with work and training and commute so I only get 6 hours most nights maybe 7 l

A handful of gummy bears.

Are you a young guy or an older guy?

No training base + no sleep (lack of recovery) + stimulant driven, crazy workouts can get an older guy into trouble.

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I’m 21 , I weigh 240 and I’m 6ft 2
I was never really active until 2 months ago I have been on a diet for a year now (started at 320) and I really want to be able to compete in maybe 5 years as it something I always wanted, I believe my diet is as good as can be i just want something to give me a little kick in the gym. I am 100 percent motivated and I’m ready to travel this long difficult road I just want to be sure I am getting the most out if it

What did you eat yesterday?

I woke up at 5 am ,
Meal 1 was 1 chicken breast a with rice and veg
Then I went to the gym for 45 mins of weights
Meal 2 was straight after work out was a protein shake with 40 g of whey
Meal 3 was at 10 and was 3 eggs a chicken breast and veg
Meal 4 at 1 was chicken and veg and rice
At 4.30 I went to the gym to do 45 mins of light weight and then 45 mins of cardio
Meal 5 was after work out was fillet steak and veg with pasta
Some days I work late and have an extra meal at 5 before the gym with chicken and veg and a source of carbs and I would go to the gym at 6.30
I also take creatin and BCAAS
Some days I will have low fat yogurt as a snack and some apples and pears