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Pre-Workout Energy Drink?

   hey im new to bodybuilding and would like some help. I want to purchase a preworkout energy drink such as shock therapy or white flood but im not sure how to take it because i will also be taking creatine. 

The directions for creatine are to take it on an empty stomach, but will the preworkout energy drink inhibit the creatine from being absorbed as efficiently? thanks for any help.

Do yourself a favor and get the Spike Shooter energy drink, or the pill. I’ve had some preworkout stuff before and this stuff works much, much better.

The drink seems kinda pricey (24 servings for 40 bucks) but if you only drink it 1/2 can at a time (which I do, and it still works great) it because a much better value. The Spike pill is even more economical, especially when cut in half.

Take Spike pills

I tried this stack today and LOVED IT hit a couple big PR’s as well.

1 Caffeine-Free Spike tablet
1 scoop Power Drive
1 scoop original Surge

post workout

3 scoops orignal Surge
5 grams creatine

I take the Caffeine-Free Spike as I train later in the day and don’t like high doses of caffeine

take your creatine with your post workout recovery drink

Spike is a must. A handful (~12) BCAA pills will keep you fresher througout your workout, too. Take the Spike 30 mins pre-workout and BCAA’s 10 min pre-workout.

Creatine and Surge post workout is smart, too.