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Pre-Workout Drinks


I'm thinking of trying something to help me intensify my workout. Something that will help me lift harder and longer. Right now I drink a diet coke for the caffeine. What about Surge or Power Drive -which one would be better for what Im looking for. What exactly are the results of using either or both -thanks


Power Drive..Surge is a drink intended maximize the muscle building power of the pre and/or post workout period.


I haven't tried either. I know, I suck.

I'll say though, that unless you're extremely sensitive to caffeine, the Diet Coke is nearly completely psychological. It only has about 30mg of caffeine, whereas coffee has 100mg. Caffeine pills contain about 200mg. Energy drinks vary, but if my memory serves me right they contain about 70mg (and a lot of sugar and other things to actually make it "work").

In other words, quit downing the diet coke. I can't personally vouch for Power Drive/Spike/Surge as I've never tried them. If I were you I might try Spike, for the mental clarity you seem to be seeking, in addition to a pre workout drink - and one that isn't toxic (Diet Coke).


Well which one should I try -Spike -Surge or Power Drive?


Power Drive or Spike would be good. They're both great. I often take Power Drive before my best workouts.

  1. Stop drinking Diet Coke.

  2. Get some Spike. If you're a poor college student like me, then just drink some coffee. It won't be nearly as effective as Spike but it will help.

  3. Read up on Surge.

  4. Get some Surge.

Good luck.


There is nothing of any value for your body in soda....I'd try to quit the habit and spend your money on something worthwhile. I've never tried Power Drive but Surge is great. I've used it during workouts and always drink it post...try a Spike pre. I think you'll like it.


I've been drinking 15g dextrose/15g maltodextrin, 1-2g salt from my drink during my workouts. Works very well. Probably not as good as Spike etc. but it does the job


I'm wondering how you stomach the diet coke preworkout. Carbonated drinks make me burp for an hour or two, which really sucks when you're in between or in the middle of a set. imo Plus, I think Lonnie Lowery said something about certain artficial sweeteners (NutriSweet) and an insulin spike? Not sure about this though...


Not to hi-jack, but explain the salt, Z-Man.


I remember reading that protein is very important pre-workout, and pre-workout nutrition can be 200% more effective than post-workout nutrition.

I think the confusion is if carbs will help or hinder pre-workout nutrition, but definitly no fats.

I'd like to see more research on pre-workout nutrition myself.


Salt is a beneficail electrolite (sodium) many atheletes and active people even more so those that care about their diet are or can be low in it. It has also been shown to aid in creatiune uptake.

We lose a ton by sweating. Get you salt and potassium.

Hope that helps,


Drink anything but aspartame is my advice. And if you must drink it, never ever drink more than one a day. That stuff is biochemical Napalm...


Can you elaborate on this?


I was waiting for someone to mention potassium in relation to salt. I can't remember where (or even if this is correct), but I've heard that potassium:salt should be consumed at about a 2:1 ratio. Just seems odd to be downing table salt after a workout, especially if you're not consuming any potassium =P.