Pre-Workout Drink

I am new to this site and let me tell you I have learned alot in the short time I have been here. Its made me take a look at all the supps I am using.

Well anyhow I was using cytosport fast twitch powder as my preworkout drink until I learned about glycoamine and its in the fast twitch.

I wanted to get some opinions on my current pre workout concoction, it is Carbmax by nutrobio (Ingredients: LCPF-50 (long chain polymetric fraction) Maltodextrin, 28.4g carbs) 8-10 grams BCAA and 200 mg caffine for the extra boost ( I train at 5:00 A.M. for about 1 hour).

Some stats that may help are body wt is 182, BF 12% age 42 ht 5’9". The BCAA I am using 5X a day at 8-10 grams (on workout three doses pre, during and after) Just started using the BCAAs. Any information or opinions would be appreciated.