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Hello there here is my question.

I don’t tolerate caffeine very well and i tryed maltodextrin+dextrose and some protein, but nothing gives me the buss I get for the thermos…
I also heard that caffein cancels out the effect of creatine, so that’s another reason for not taking caffein…

should I try ephedrine bye itself ?
or is it there anything else as powerful?
I read some of the articles on this site but all the formulas have caffein on it, that’s why I’m asking you guys
Thanks a lot

A good preworkout cocktail i Like is Take 1 or 2 scoops of Cytomax (fruit punch) mix it with about 35 to 50 grams of vanilla designer (or any whey protein).
Another one and i get great results is 3-4 Tribex/ Power drive (with club soda) 90 minutes before workout, great focus and intensity.

I’m confused. Are you “looking for a buzz” only or are you looking for proper pre-workout nutrition? Of course protein and carbs isn’t going to “buzz you”. And don’t worry about caffiene and creatine. That is an oft repeated myth (there was one study that show a bad effect of mixing both, but later studies did not support that. And rememeber the original creatine studies? They used hot tea!)

Anyway, use Power Drive if you don’t want a CNS stimulant. Sip Surge before workout if you’re looking for prop nutrition. The meal a few hours before that should be protein and fat, very little carbs. (See Berardi’s “Appetite for Contruction” articles for info.)