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Pre workout drink and performance

Won´t consuming simple carbs pre workout elevate serotonin levels and thus impairing performance in the gym ?

I am confused as to pre workout meals in general. I currently eat a meal 1 hour before my workout. Now if I´m using steroids the workout will last 90 minutes - using 720 calories. Post workout recommendation are 0.8 grams of carbs per kg (72 grams) + 0,4 grams of protein (36 grams) for me which equals roughly 440 calories. Should I consume the remaining 280 calories used during the workout in my pre workout meal (eaten 1 hour before)- that would make sense.

Another idea would be to take in 280 extra calories 1 hour pre workout, 220 calories immediately pre workout and finally 220 calories post workout (assuming the pre workout drink mess upp performance…) ??