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Pre-Workout Causing Dehydration?

I sweat like a fat guy on a 1st date! But I like to workout with a little caffeine before my workout, but this only enhancing my sweating. So I was wondering about a pre-workout with hydration component. As a Registered Dietitian I always talk about hydration with athletes and its correlation with performance. So I did some researching and came across a supplement called pre:play by hydration health products. It looks like the company has a clinical background, which I like, but was curious if anybody had tried their product. Seems pretty legit with 200mg of Dicaffeine malate and 6 grams AAKG arginine. Then they claim to have the same electrolytes as a bag of IV fluids with using Glutamine as the co-transport, which makes sense. Opinions welcome.

If you’re dehydrated then water. Personally, Plazma works for me. 1 liter solution, drink 15-25% of it starting 20 minutes to working out, the rest during my workout. Takes care of hydration and provides the world class intra nutrition I need.