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Pre-Workout Carbs When Cutting Fat


To cut my last little bit of fat, i've read that if i cut out my pre-workout carbs before a lifting session, my body will tap into more fat cells. Is that beneficial? Or would I just be lacking the energy to get through my workout? Generally I have an apple, 2/3 cup of oats, and a whey shake about an hour before my workout. I'm 6'3, 219 lbs
- what do you guys think? will cutting the pre wo carbs be a good idea? or are there better alternatives?


you don't need carbs when your lifting... I take a scoop of Surge Workout Fuel at the most nowadays, but all you really need is BCAAs. You can even train fasted and use BCAA's before and during your workout, it's an amazingly fast way to cut fat. Or if you prefer to eat something beforehand, you can go with the meat and nuts standby.


You dont really need pre-workout carbs. It really depends on whether you have any glycogen already stored in your muscles. If for instance you had a dinner with carbs in the night before and then trained the day after, you'd have more than enough glycogen stored to fuel your workout. I regularly train fasted or with some BCAA's and never suffer from a lack of energy.


It really depends on what the rest of your day looks like. Pre-workout is always the LAST place I ever want to take carbs from when I'm dieting for a contest. Even during the last few weeks, when my body's getting down into low single digit bodyfat, I still have 3 Finibars pre-workout.

Yes, some days that may be all the carbs I'll ingest (on others it's about half), but I have enough of a calorie deficit to induce fat loss, and get as optimal a hypertrophy workout as I can to maintain LBM (which will keep you burning more cals!).