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Pre-Workout Bad for Testosterone?

Im curious if any of you guys have had lowered testosterone after using c4 Pre workout?? I have heard on reddit forums that the " stimulant matrix" inside of them can destroy the test levels of a man the same way an illicit street drug would. I also got shakey hands from them and I am curious as to if long term almost daily use ( 5 years ) could have caused me to have a small brain tumor because I heard that brain tumors also cause shakey hands…

If you’re concerned about a brain tumor, go to the doctor. I’m not sure about the effects of PWO on testosterone, but in general, I believe PWO should be avoided and is a marketing tactic. C4 and the like is full of a whole lotta garbage and caffeine, isn’t regulated and you have no idea what’s actually in it. People feel like they need it and it’s amazing how many young folks get hooked on the stuff. PWO habitual use, especially coupled with coffee, other stimulants, etc., might have some damaging effects on your bodies’ natural functions. You should stop taking PWO, if you need it to work out, check your motivation.


Has anyone else heard about these things??

C4 won’t have much benefit anyways. Save your money and your sanity and just go lift. If you really have a bad feeling about things though go see a doctor just in case

You know what else causes shakey hands playa? Stimulants.

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